Sunday, January 1, 1995

About Moi

Flim-flammin' on the Jim-jam, I aim to make it uncomfortable for all the Know Nothing Party followers. Truth is about reclaiming America from the intolerant and obnoxious. You got something to say about that? OK, but if ya can't say it with a modicrum of intelligence and style, without slammin' the Jim-Jam, ya ain't gettin in, ya dig?

And who am I? Just yer average 'Murican Boy who is good and tired of the truth gittin' trampled by the Looneys and the Far Wrong. Just lookin' fer a chance to slam their fingers in the car door:-)

My stats? Loud, opinionated, and hairy. Love long walks off the pier, short stacks 'o groat cakes, and wimmin who won't take no for an answer. If that's you, please call KLondike4-2468 and ask for Phil.

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