Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cheese Burgers in Paradise, or, The Tide is A'comin in, Ma!

So today, Samoa and American Samoa (some people like potatoes, and some like taro. Or, its more complicated than that,) got slammerfied by way too much water, ala a tsunami. And that is tragic, while at the same time, a perfect example of what all coastal areas around the world have in store, in the not-too distant future. To put it simply - if ya can't float, ya gonna sink.

Now, I know there are still many of you flat-truther's out there who won't believe in global climate change until you are treading water on Main Street, but here is a heads-up, anyway. Sell that Florida beach-front condo now, before its worth less than even the current Dopey and Sleepy-sized real estate market allows. Cuz' - ya goin' down! A mere 1 meter (that's Frenchy and Euro-y, I know, so fer all you 'Muricans out there, it's about a smidgeon over 3 feet,) will put most of the Florida coast line (yep, and other places, too) under the sea, with an octopus's garden opening next to the former Disney joint. Might be a new business opportunity, who knows.

Now me, I'm bettin' ya'll don't do squat until its waaaaayyyyy too late. I plan on buying up as much property as I can more than fifty feet above sea level, then sellin' it to ya'll for highly inflated prices. Sort of a reverse Florida Swamp Land deal. Seems a sweet comeuppance to me, eh?

And did you see all those bozitos who went down to the beach to "watch the tsunami" come in? That's what I call thinnin' the herd.

Going Rouge: An American Laugh, or, Palin' by Comparison

So Sah-Rah is "going rouge" is she? And to think I had her pegged more a kohl gal (Kohl has been worn traditionally as far back as the Bronze Age (3500 B.C. onward) by the Egyptian queens.) (I mean, she IS the rein-coronation of Sah-Rah the First, isn't she?) Which makes so much more sense, being she is now the Queen of the Far WrongDamned, dontchya think? And yet, it is somehow so fitting, the Retreads having lost any semblance of a king, or kingdom, for that matter, since their dear King George was outed (OK, ousted. But it was worth the attempt, n'est-ce pas?:-) in that demon-cratic coup last year. It must really hurt, having your royalty so nastily ripped from it's womb. To lose the Crown of Amurica to, gasp! a non-white man! It's more than a body politic can bear.

What I want to know is, how can the Sah-Rah have any "memoirs" to write about, anyway. First off, "memoir" isn't even Amurican - it's a Frenchy word. And second, what has she actually done that's worth remembering? Even her own family has had it up to Nome with her. I mean, she's a quitter, fer cryin' out loud. Golly, haven't we had enough of that sort already, without having to see several thousand trees killed just to make her feel like a winner? I mean, this tomb, er, tome is going to end up on the remainders table within a week of publication - why doesn't she just save the money and put it up on a web site, where it can be as easily ignored without having to inconvenience all those moose who live among the very trees she is going to cause the death of, anyway?

So, lets all make a promise to each other, shall we? Read whatever you want, and don't tell me about it - I don't want you to spoil the ending. Besides - I already know how its going to end. The moose kills HER this time. And that's not a rogue moose. Just a rational centrist.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday and the Livin' is Queasy

Little Glenny Beck has stirred up yet another whorenets nest by being offered keys to the city or some such back in his little old hometown way up yonder Washington Way. Seems news of this less-than-auspicious occasion flipped a switch inside the collective/socialist hive mind across the Northwest Liberal Region, and faster than you could say "teabagger," the neighboring burg of Bellingham said, "Ha!" "we'll get John-boy Stewart." I kinda like it - tragedy and comedy, side by side.

Now, while I have no issue with people speakin' they minds, I do find it both ironic (to all those on the Far Wrong, that's a sort of supplement ya'll take with yer daily dose 'o Comeuppance) and funny as hell. It wasn't even a week ago the Far Wronger Teabagger Truthers was spittin' venom at anyone who dared complain about their OWN ranting and railing against all things Obama. So here ya are, gittin' a return favor-type spankin' and ya'll gotta howl about that, too. Seems you folks are damn persnickety about havin' things both ways, ain't ya? Ya'll are maybe lookin' fer a smackdown, is that it? Cause I gotta tell ya, just wait till Shakes the Clown gets pissed at ya'll. Make John-boy Stewart look like a paper weight.

In the meantime, maybe Glenny could be willing to settle for a plague, er, plaque from Bobby Jones University. I understand they like THEIR irony in much smaller capsules.

(By the way - Teabagger? Now, why would you be advertising your sexual proclivities all over the media like that, and call yerselves "family-friendly," and claim to have "family values?" Unless you're doing that nasty stuff at! You di-ent say that!! Oh, yes you did!)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lest We Thinketh We Be Uniqueth...

Now, let me clear something up - The US of A is not the ONLY country where idiocy is raised to the highest levels of discourse. Why, there's Iran, of course, and North Korea, gotta love 'em, eh? There is also Zimbabwe, ala Mugabe, who seems to think the international sanctions against his government are about "regime change." Well, duh!!!! It's not like anyone has been trying to keep it secret, dude! But, we shouldn't be too harsh on the poor rube - he IS in good company, after all. Why, just today, that suave and debonair fella from Iran, what's his name? Oh, Ahmadinejad, right? Anyway, he actually got up in front of the UN and told the world that His Iran was the, and I quote, here, "most democratic nation in the world." He based this asssertion of the "free and fair election" His country just held. Uuuhhhh, yeeeaaaahhhh. Sounds like he's been getting talking points from Fox News lately. Poor sod.

And we can't forget about the Lula's and the Hugo's and all those other wild-'n-crazy guys out there (notice we haven't had a really wild-'n-crazy woman running one of these Hairywood Movies as yet?) (though we did come a wee bit close with the Moose hunter up yonder, didn't we?) And yet, men are often complaining about that "crazy" woman in their lives, but that must be because they love irrational behavior as a complement to their own insanity, eh?

What the point of this little rant? Who knows. Low blood sugar? Moon in Uranus? Naw. Just wanted to point out the futility of getting freaked out by our homegrown ground sloths like Glenn Beck and John Boehner and Sarah Whoosits. They sound scary, but that's just because we're getting close to Halloween. Once they've had their fill of candy corn, they'll settle down - for a while. At least our homegrown looneys have more limited arsenals, even if they have a seemingly unlimited amount of hot air.

Hey, maybe they could all be talked into having a place in the Ahmadinejad administration. They're all pretty simpatico, dontcha think?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No Values at the Summit - Just Another Freakshow

When I first saw this Value Voters Summit mash-up, I thought to myself, "Self, wasssuuupppp?" I mean really, now, people. Have we fallen so low that we have to stage a rally for Values? Especially when we have to listen to the real yo-yo's out there, saying horsepucky like, "All pornography is gay - er - homosexual?" Trust me, folks, gay guys DO NOT use Playboy or Penthouse for play-time activities. Stud and Johnny-Boy, maybe, but otherwise, it's all about pects, got it?

Now, lean in close here, I may have to whisper this - no, come on, closer, closer - - good. You know why the Far Wrong is "out of favor" at the moment? Little secret here - you never were IN favor - you just scream louder than the rest of us. And I can assure all you Strict Constructionists out there - THAT was NOT the Founders intent. Its not in the Federalist Papers, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or any other document that our Founders ever propounded. OK, now give me back my personal space.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. You, the Far and Truly Profane Wrong, don't really GET democracy, do you? Real democracy means you are welcome to your own beliefs, but you are NOT welcome to shove them down anyone else's throats, either through legislation, or through loud and obnoxious fear-mongering lies. That's right, YOU-all lie! Hey, it seems to work for you, so deal with it.

You are entirely welcome to your values. You don't believe in abortion? Don't have one. You don't like to pay taxes? Tough - no one does, but we all do it because, uh, gee - its the law of the land. Don't want to send your kids to real schools? Your choice (just don't blame the rest of us when they slam the door in your face when they figure out how they've been lied to.) Don't think its right to help other nations who are our allies? So stay home. You wanna yell? Go right ahead. Just don't be too shocked when everyone else just shuts the door because they are tired of listening to so much ear-splitting hooey.

And that beauty queen ya'll are clamoring for, Prejean?  No, she ISN'T a hater. Just a loser. She didn't lose the contest because she doesn't believe in that Wrong Kind of Marriage (you know, the one sanctioned by the (wait for it) Guvmint. She lost because someone else got more points, or had deeper cleavage, who knows. But if this is how far the Far Wrong has to go to find a hero, well, that explains the whole enchilada. You'da thunk they'd learned enough with that loser from Alaska drilling that big hole in the GOP boat. Funny, she STILL couldn't find any oil.

You want Values? I usually find them at my local Target store, on Aisle 3.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Minsky? Of course, you cough!

So you don't like Big Guvmint, eh? Lets play a little game, shall we?

Lets say the Big Guvmint, hereafter referred to as the BG (yeah, like the singing group...sheesh) had refused to step in and bail the losers out (you know - banks, insurance companies - all them greedy bastids.) By now, all of us would be standing in breadlines, selling rotten bank notes on the corner just to feed the kids, and planning another march on Washington to protest Guvmint intrusion into our lives - er - socialism.

Why, you ask? Well, that's part of the game. Where does money actually come from? If you can answer that correctly, you get to go on to the next level of the game, where you can try to answer two other questions - where does all that money go? and why doesn't it go to you?

Ever heard of Minsky? The economist? Hyman Minsky? No? Well, he predicted this mess, and no one listened to him, because he wasn't all that popular in the mainstream of economics. (See His work raises the final question in our little game, namely, how much of this is your fault?

Now, to win this game, you have to read the article mentioned above, and here, for redundancy. If, after reading the article (we don't expect you to read his books - they are thick and have a lot of words - just read the article and get the central premise of his thoughts on macroeconomics,) you still can't answer this last question, well, you lose. If you can answer it, you darn well better start teaching that lesson to everyone you know.

Because it will be painfully clear that, yes, Virginia, it CAN happen again.

Dammit! He's Still Black!

I think its just a little late for the President to finally confess, on national television, what so many have suspected for so long - he WAS black before the election! It's now abundantly clear we were lied to by the Democrats so they could steal the election! They were apparently trying to hide this critical fact from the real voters in America by pairing him with that clearly white guy, Joe Biden. All Obama had to do was stand next to Biden and the overwhelming glare from Joe's Snow White hair blinded all who watched them campaign. We should all rally for a recall, is what I think.

I mean, it was so obvious he was black on Inauguration Day, but by then, it was too late. This is an afront to the Constitution as the Far Wrong have explained it, just as those weird Unitarians have perverted the teachings of the Bible as James Dobson has explained it. Those Damn Liberals! All they want to do is indoctrinate our kids and tear down the fabric of marriage, put all Bible Thinkers into camps, and force everyone to eat tofu. I say NO! I will not eat tofu. I am an adult, and now capable of wearing adult-sized Depends, so I don't have to eat anything I don't want to eat. And that includes a President who keeps changing color, dammit!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Heavy Plaque Build-Up on the Right/Wrong

An article in today's US News & World Report (hardly the bastion of liberalism/socialism) details the impending rise of dementia in the next few years, with more than 65 million people world-wide predicted to be batty by 2030. Seems a bit frightening, eh? Well, this should come as no surprise to anyone watching the continuing madness that is the Far Wrong in America today. The only thing surprising about this report is why it took such a venerable bastion of the press so long to see what those of us with our eyes open have seen for nearly thirty years - the Far Wrong has been Far Gone for ages. I suspect it has something to do with their choice of reading matter, coupled with excessive amounts of years of weird broadcasts beamed down by all those in the religious Wrong. Or maybe just too much pork, who knows.

Every time I hear some more malarkey about Fear of the Guvmint' Takin' Over the Minds of Our Childrens, I gotta take an hour or so to catch my breath from all that hyperventilating. Lets give this drama some perspective, shall we?

Think roads. Like 'em? Or our prized possession, the US MILITARY. Like it? Want it to stay in shape, doin' the job? How 'bout them Vets? Think they deserve our thanks? And Granny. Think she likes her Medicare? And lets not forget - farms. MMMM. Food good. Me like food. Have food, not get hungry. Mmmmm. You too? You think this is all the result of the Private Corporate Suck-ups, er, Sector?

Just LOOK at all that Guvmint intrusion, will ya? Sack 'em all, why don't we? Oh, wait, we forgot the most important one, for all them church-goers out there - tax-free status. I believe that is a result of the Guvmint, ala the Constitution. That old separation of church and state stuff? You remember that, don't you? I believe, and correct me if I am wrong here, but that little gem has kept religion largely free from Guvmint control, while allowing some places in the US of A to be free from the forcible intrusion of religion where it is not wanted, namely, in the lives of those who HOLD DIFFERENT PHILOSOPHY'S OF LIFE.

Oh, wait, I see. That's what this is all about, isn't it?

The next time one of you yahoos out there want to equate Obama with Hitler, I suggest you look in the mirror.

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's My Snarky Party, and I'll Lie if I Want To

Lovely little piece from Reuters today that you ought to read. It seems the Far Wrong religious Nut Jobs are trying, once again, to rally the shock troops against anything and everything Obama. And here I thought the No-Nothing Party fell apart way back in 1860, but boy, was I wrong. And I know there will be those who feel hurt and angry by my resurrection of the label, but hey, see for yourself - I can't make this s**t up (gotta keep it clean for Gene, ya dig?)

For example ""I don't believe in global warming," said conservative activist Kim Simac, a horse trainer and mother of nine from Wisconsin who also believes that the teaching of creationism and prayer need to be brought back to public schools." (Reuters) Well, Kim, you ain't alone, apparently. And how nice - your denial of all evidence-based scientific investigations into this somewhat (fairly? certainly? seriously?) important issue is evidenced by your rather prolific contribution to the depletion of natural resources and your clearly excessive contribution to carbon emissions showing You are Doing Your Part for the Cause. You go, girl!

And their leaders? Well, just,

"Former Arkansas governor and presidential contender Mike Huckabee, a Baptist preacher who is widely seen as a leading candidate for the 2012 Republican ticket, brought the crowd to its feet on several occasions.
"The audacity of hope has become the audacity of hypocrisy," Huckabee said, in a reference to the title of one of Obama's books." (Reuters)

I mean, if that ain't callin' the kettle black, dontcha think?  Hey, Mike! Tell us about hypocrisy, will ya? Be all smiley-face about what you REALLY want for America, whydontcha? (Hey, I don't want to be accused of taking something out of context, unlike you-know-who, so I urge you to read the entire excerpt. (The Nation)

Until this sliver of American Nut Jobs either quits drinking the koolaid, or is finally and completely written off by mass media as nothing more than the media-hungry whores they are, I strongly suggest you don't EVER turn your back on them.

They make Joe McCarthy look like a minor nuisance.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

ooh, Pete Sessions Needs Some Time on the Couch, Eh?

Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete. Poor Pete. Pete is upset with Nancy Pelosi because she expressed what a majority of the American people are feeling - that there is hysterical, far-Wrong incitement going on in both blog-o-sphere and in the "out there" world. And that really hurt Poor Pete's feelings. And the feelings of all those other poor, sad, put-upon folks who are also angry about that nasty "racism" thing going around. I mean, isn't there already an innoculation for that?

OK, Bozitos, listen up: you folks had eight years to run the Ship of State into the Rocks of Insanity, and granted, you succeeded beyond our wildest dreams - er - nightmares. It was the Far Wrong that got us into the war on terror quagmire, it was you-all who ran the financial system into the Marianas Trench, and it was you who perfected the whole "Liberals are Commie Socialist, Alien Invaders Who Will Kill All God-Fearing (read - white) Folk and Make Us Throw Our Baby's onto the Pit of Satan and His Loyal Hippie Minnions" thing. I mean, Hail Rush and all his Kids, fer Cri-Yi. Get a grip guys - remember that saying ya'll love to throw around your Christian Law and Odor fellowships?

If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. Well, ya'll are in the Big House, now.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eating Their Own (So What's New?)

Nice to see the Repubs continue in their traditional rituals - sacrificing the country to "make their point," showing their true colors (and I ain't talkin' red, white, 'n blue here, folks,) and their long-time practice of ritual cannibalism. Its actually amazing to see the shear number of former Bush-ites finally bein' the Truthers they should have been when it would have made a difference. Be they former aides, former speechwriters, or former cabinet members, they suddenly can't wait to "spill the wine" on the Three Stooges who pretended to run the country while they were really just lining their own pockets and ramming their ideology down the throat of the world. Nice guys, I admit (not the Tres Stoogettes, but the Truthers,) but it really is just too little, way too late.

I mean, if you want the world to sing in perfect harmony, ya gotta let them know they're off key when they are actually off key, not when the coast is clear, and the wallet needs filling. Coming out now is like saying, "I wasn't ready to admit to myself I was a Truther at the time, but now, I just have to be honest with myself." OK, so maybe the family wouldn't have embraced your "lifestyle choice," but at least you could have found happiness, and gone to better bars. You know, the kind that plays disco till 4 AM? Not to mention how much better you would feel if you had actually shown you took the Constitution seriously, unlike those Bozitos you worked for?

So while I am glad to hear what King George VI said about Hil's fanny in a chair, I'd have been happier had you spoken up sooner, so we could have maybe kicked the Stooges out of theirs (actually, those chairs were OURS. Ya dig?)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hey, Just Shut Yer Cakehole, Dammit!

I don't know about you (quite true, actually - I DON'T know about you, but that's a later rant, I suppose) but I am really sick and tired of those people (don't you just love that phrase - those people - as if we are referring to anyone other than "these people" ((meaning us, not them)) who insist  their idea of morality is better than yours, and if YOU would just admit you've "sinned" or somehow transgressed, and beg for repentance, you will now become as perfect as them. Makes me wanna puke.

So lets go through the drill for a moment, shall we? Now you must realize this applies to all sides of whatever debate is raging, at whatever time, in whatever place. Its unfortunately a universal irritant - Christians, Jews, Muslims, Repubs and Demos, gay and straight, enviros and rabid developers, and so on, and so on. But for the purpose of this drill, I am going to use so-called Christians. Why? Because I just want to, OK? My prerogative. Just keep in mind the same drill applies, with somewhat different questions, to every oppositional pairing you wish. So here goes.

Christian dogma has arrived at certain, well, certainties, rules, if you will, about their own belief system. So I have three questions I like to pose to this particular cult:

1.You say God is infinite, that [he?] made everything in the universe. If that is in fact true, then how can anything in the universe be evil? Because...
2. You say God is perfect, that anything [she?] creates is without flaw. So, how can anything be wrong in the eyes of your God? Because...
3. You say God created man [woman not so much? I mean, really...] in [his/her?] image. How, then, can we be flawed?

Now, I know the usual response - because God gave Man {hey, if "man" is capitalized, does this mean we are on equal footing with God? Just asking.} "free will". OK. So, if it was God who gave Man free will, and God is perfect, then anything that arises from free will is without flaw, right?

And one more thing. If God is infinite, and created Everything, and is immanent in everything, then how can God possibly hate anything or anyone [he/she?] created? Seems like you can't have it both ways, dontcha think?

Oh, right. That pesky rationalization thingy. Nice to have an easy out, isn't it?

Oh, and lets not forget - if God is perfect, this means [he/she/it?] is fully consistent. Meaning if God hates fags, for example, then [he/she/it?] also hates those who hate fags. Has a nice symmetry, I think. See, if you wish to espouse an ideology, of whatever ilk, you are either consistent with your ideology, or you are a total fake. And that is MY ideology. I can sum it up around the issue of whether I eat meat or not. Simply put - I promise I won't knock that steak off your plate if you promise to refrain from slapping a pork-chop on mine. Got it?

Just one thing left to say here - keep yer friggin morality off my lawn, bub. And I promise not to kick you in the kneecaps, eh?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Are These Hicupps Fatal, Doc?

Lets be frank, shall we? The only sane response to all these Red-baiting and Obama hating yahoos out there is the one given by Barney Frank, when he responded to one of that ilk at a town-hall meeting by asking the crazed loon, "What planet are you from?" The far Wrong wants to have us believe this is merely "demacracy at work," that all "these people" want is to save the rest of us from damnation or some such nonsense. So they invent this death panel beasty to try and scare Bill and Fran at the dinner table.

Lets get real - "these people" want one thing - to get that black guy out of the White House, and to get all them pesky liberals out of the Guvmint once and for all. So they try to dress it up by hammering their elected representatives whenever there is media present to make it seem like they represent the majority. Uh, whats the word I'm looking for here...? Oh, yeah - no. They do NOT represent the majority. They represent a loud and organized MINORITY. Got it, folks? Minority. So why the hell are we hearing jerks like Mitch McConnell saying "the American People want something other than what the Guvmint is trying to shove down their throats?" Hey, Mitch, why don't you try asking the 70 +% who think a single payer option, or at least a public option, is a good idea? Instead of trying to make everyone in the country believe that less than 30% is a bigger number. Oh, and don't forget where the funding for this lunacy is coming from. Yep. "Those" people - the insurance/pharma, and AMA. Gotta protect them pocketbooks.

Funny, but no one I know agrees with that analysis, Mitch.

Friday, September 4, 2009

So Many Schmucks, So Little Time

Ah, who can I beat on today? Let's start with the Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Boy Jindal. Nice piece of work, this guy. Slams the Guvmint Bailout, says "I don't want yer funny money," and then what does he do? Takes the money, has some way over-sized checks printed with "State of Lousiiaaanah," and signed by, you guessed it, Bobby Boy hiself. Now for the fun part - he goes around to all these rabid Wrong Winger churches and gives away the buckaroos (remember, from the Guvmint) and totally fergeddin' about that pesky "separation of Church and State" proceeds to give a sermon.

And is there a single Repub, anywhere in this so-called republic, who says, "hey there, Bobby Boy, knock that stuff off," as would befit the member of any party who has taken the oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States*? Hah! Not by yer short hairs, kid.

So, on the same day, the same bloody day, dammit, another Retread goes on a rant about the Prez gonna broadcast his address to Congress to the schools being somehow "indoctrination" (as opposed to a civics lesson) and therefore tryin' ta take the kiddies out 'o their parents "control."

These flakes are bound and determined to have our cake, and make us believe we actually ate it ourselves. Come on, fer cry-yi! Would someone please just slap these guys? How the hell is it the Dems can't get a backbone? Here they have the freakin' majority, and they just keep on wringin' their hands, because they can't both hold lobbyists money and scratch their heads at the same time, complaining their constituents "don't want any thing to change." Hell, most of them didn't want the Civil Rights bill either, but, surprise IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Get off yer sorry asses, and get the job done. The Wrong Wing thinks their right because they are loud and nasty, so you Dems keep rollin' over and whimpering. Puh-leeze.

*The Oath - The current oath was enacted in 1884:
    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

OK. Now tell me what part of that means you get to pick and choose WHICH PARTS of the Constitution you get to protect and defend? Tell me how anyone who is clearly violating that oath is NOT a domestic enemy of same? Go on, tell me. And if you can't make a REALLY good argument, then just sit down.

And if you aren't outraged by these and all the other nasty little things being done by the Wrong Wingers, then by your silence you condone the same.

So shame on them. Shame on all of us.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bitten Finger

So this 65 year old guy, who is against health care reform legislation, got his finger bitten off in a fight with a supporter of such reform down in Thousand Oaks, CA yesterday. They rushed the guy (along with severed digit) to the local hospital (I bet you know where this is going, right?) They successfully re-attached the finger, thank you very much. However,

wait for it....

His Medicare paid the bill. What a damn Socialist! Sucking the taxpayer dry, I tells ya!!!

I wonder what Glen Beck is going to do when that vein in his temple finally pops?

What's the Point?

Let's face it - everything is going to hell. In the veritable handbasket, no less. And not just here, but all over the damn place. Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Washington (DC, of course), Iran, Iceland, Argentina, like I said, all over the damn place. Swine flu, war, terrorists, homelessness, joblessness, obscene corporate profits, global warming (HELL yeah), torture, famine, child molesters, Republicans - its never just one thing, is it?

All pointers show global warming will cause significant sea level rise within the next twenty years. I just saw a post about this being the warmest year in the Arctic in more than 2000 years. BAM! There goes another ice sheet, another polar bear, another piece of the future. If the sea level rises a mere 1 meter, the resultant inundation of low-lying countries (or parts thereof), will drive millions from their homes, creating the largest single human migration event in known history. But HELL NO! NO NEW TAXES DAMMIT! Yeah, THAT'S gonna work.

And what are the politicians doing? Bargaining our future so their corporate friends (upon whom these boyos depend) don't lose a single cent of profits. Can't wait to see how many of them lose their beachfront property.

Now, do I sound bleak? Maybe. But my intent with this blog is to say the truth (sure, as I see it, but then, it IS my blog. And all the yahoos on the so-called Right (we will only refer to them after this as the Wrong) have been shoving their lies claimed as TRUTH as though from their deity (of whom they are such hypocrites about they support the death penalty, and call themselves Pro life - what a joke) way the hell down our throats for far too long.

So, there will be rants, diatribes, and homily's, but equally so, there will be celebrations, raves, and other kinds of spirit-raising hoo-ha as I can muster.

As for comments, feel free to make them, and I'll feel free to publish the one's I think are rational, well-crafted, free from abuse and obscenity, and relevant. All others will go into the recycle bin - manure does have its uses, just not on my blog.

So there.