Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday and the Livin' is Queasy

Little Glenny Beck has stirred up yet another whorenets nest by being offered keys to the city or some such back in his little old hometown way up yonder Washington Way. Seems news of this less-than-auspicious occasion flipped a switch inside the collective/socialist hive mind across the Northwest Liberal Region, and faster than you could say "teabagger," the neighboring burg of Bellingham said, "Ha!" "we'll get John-boy Stewart." I kinda like it - tragedy and comedy, side by side.

Now, while I have no issue with people speakin' they minds, I do find it both ironic (to all those on the Far Wrong, that's a sort of supplement ya'll take with yer daily dose 'o Comeuppance) and funny as hell. It wasn't even a week ago the Far Wronger Teabagger Truthers was spittin' venom at anyone who dared complain about their OWN ranting and railing against all things Obama. So here ya are, gittin' a return favor-type spankin' and ya'll gotta howl about that, too. Seems you folks are damn persnickety about havin' things both ways, ain't ya? Ya'll are maybe lookin' fer a smackdown, is that it? Cause I gotta tell ya, just wait till Shakes the Clown gets pissed at ya'll. Make John-boy Stewart look like a paper weight.

In the meantime, maybe Glenny could be willing to settle for a plague, er, plaque from Bobby Jones University. I understand they like THEIR irony in much smaller capsules.

(By the way - Teabagger? Now, why would you be advertising your sexual proclivities all over the media like that, and call yerselves "family-friendly," and claim to have "family values?" Unless you're doing that nasty stuff at! You di-ent say that!! Oh, yes you did!)

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