Monday, September 14, 2009

Are These Hicupps Fatal, Doc?

Lets be frank, shall we? The only sane response to all these Red-baiting and Obama hating yahoos out there is the one given by Barney Frank, when he responded to one of that ilk at a town-hall meeting by asking the crazed loon, "What planet are you from?" The far Wrong wants to have us believe this is merely "demacracy at work," that all "these people" want is to save the rest of us from damnation or some such nonsense. So they invent this death panel beasty to try and scare Bill and Fran at the dinner table.

Lets get real - "these people" want one thing - to get that black guy out of the White House, and to get all them pesky liberals out of the Guvmint once and for all. So they try to dress it up by hammering their elected representatives whenever there is media present to make it seem like they represent the majority. Uh, whats the word I'm looking for here...? Oh, yeah - no. They do NOT represent the majority. They represent a loud and organized MINORITY. Got it, folks? Minority. So why the hell are we hearing jerks like Mitch McConnell saying "the American People want something other than what the Guvmint is trying to shove down their throats?" Hey, Mitch, why don't you try asking the 70 +% who think a single payer option, or at least a public option, is a good idea? Instead of trying to make everyone in the country believe that less than 30% is a bigger number. Oh, and don't forget where the funding for this lunacy is coming from. Yep. "Those" people - the insurance/pharma, and AMA. Gotta protect them pocketbooks.

Funny, but no one I know agrees with that analysis, Mitch.

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