Friday, September 18, 2009

It's My Snarky Party, and I'll Lie if I Want To

Lovely little piece from Reuters today that you ought to read. It seems the Far Wrong religious Nut Jobs are trying, once again, to rally the shock troops against anything and everything Obama. And here I thought the No-Nothing Party fell apart way back in 1860, but boy, was I wrong. And I know there will be those who feel hurt and angry by my resurrection of the label, but hey, see for yourself - I can't make this s**t up (gotta keep it clean for Gene, ya dig?)

For example ""I don't believe in global warming," said conservative activist Kim Simac, a horse trainer and mother of nine from Wisconsin who also believes that the teaching of creationism and prayer need to be brought back to public schools." (Reuters) Well, Kim, you ain't alone, apparently. And how nice - your denial of all evidence-based scientific investigations into this somewhat (fairly? certainly? seriously?) important issue is evidenced by your rather prolific contribution to the depletion of natural resources and your clearly excessive contribution to carbon emissions showing You are Doing Your Part for the Cause. You go, girl!

And their leaders? Well, just,

"Former Arkansas governor and presidential contender Mike Huckabee, a Baptist preacher who is widely seen as a leading candidate for the 2012 Republican ticket, brought the crowd to its feet on several occasions.
"The audacity of hope has become the audacity of hypocrisy," Huckabee said, in a reference to the title of one of Obama's books." (Reuters)

I mean, if that ain't callin' the kettle black, dontcha think?  Hey, Mike! Tell us about hypocrisy, will ya? Be all smiley-face about what you REALLY want for America, whydontcha? (Hey, I don't want to be accused of taking something out of context, unlike you-know-who, so I urge you to read the entire excerpt. (The Nation)

Until this sliver of American Nut Jobs either quits drinking the koolaid, or is finally and completely written off by mass media as nothing more than the media-hungry whores they are, I strongly suggest you don't EVER turn your back on them.

They make Joe McCarthy look like a minor nuisance.

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