Thursday, September 17, 2009

ooh, Pete Sessions Needs Some Time on the Couch, Eh?

Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete. Poor Pete. Pete is upset with Nancy Pelosi because she expressed what a majority of the American people are feeling - that there is hysterical, far-Wrong incitement going on in both blog-o-sphere and in the "out there" world. And that really hurt Poor Pete's feelings. And the feelings of all those other poor, sad, put-upon folks who are also angry about that nasty "racism" thing going around. I mean, isn't there already an innoculation for that?

OK, Bozitos, listen up: you folks had eight years to run the Ship of State into the Rocks of Insanity, and granted, you succeeded beyond our wildest dreams - er - nightmares. It was the Far Wrong that got us into the war on terror quagmire, it was you-all who ran the financial system into the Marianas Trench, and it was you who perfected the whole "Liberals are Commie Socialist, Alien Invaders Who Will Kill All God-Fearing (read - white) Folk and Make Us Throw Our Baby's onto the Pit of Satan and His Loyal Hippie Minnions" thing. I mean, Hail Rush and all his Kids, fer Cri-Yi. Get a grip guys - remember that saying ya'll love to throw around your Christian Law and Odor fellowships?

If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. Well, ya'll are in the Big House, now.

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