Monday, September 21, 2009

Heavy Plaque Build-Up on the Right/Wrong

An article in today's US News & World Report (hardly the bastion of liberalism/socialism) details the impending rise of dementia in the next few years, with more than 65 million people world-wide predicted to be batty by 2030. Seems a bit frightening, eh? Well, this should come as no surprise to anyone watching the continuing madness that is the Far Wrong in America today. The only thing surprising about this report is why it took such a venerable bastion of the press so long to see what those of us with our eyes open have seen for nearly thirty years - the Far Wrong has been Far Gone for ages. I suspect it has something to do with their choice of reading matter, coupled with excessive amounts of years of weird broadcasts beamed down by all those in the religious Wrong. Or maybe just too much pork, who knows.

Every time I hear some more malarkey about Fear of the Guvmint' Takin' Over the Minds of Our Childrens, I gotta take an hour or so to catch my breath from all that hyperventilating. Lets give this drama some perspective, shall we?

Think roads. Like 'em? Or our prized possession, the US MILITARY. Like it? Want it to stay in shape, doin' the job? How 'bout them Vets? Think they deserve our thanks? And Granny. Think she likes her Medicare? And lets not forget - farms. MMMM. Food good. Me like food. Have food, not get hungry. Mmmmm. You too? You think this is all the result of the Private Corporate Suck-ups, er, Sector?

Just LOOK at all that Guvmint intrusion, will ya? Sack 'em all, why don't we? Oh, wait, we forgot the most important one, for all them church-goers out there - tax-free status. I believe that is a result of the Guvmint, ala the Constitution. That old separation of church and state stuff? You remember that, don't you? I believe, and correct me if I am wrong here, but that little gem has kept religion largely free from Guvmint control, while allowing some places in the US of A to be free from the forcible intrusion of religion where it is not wanted, namely, in the lives of those who HOLD DIFFERENT PHILOSOPHY'S OF LIFE.

Oh, wait, I see. That's what this is all about, isn't it?

The next time one of you yahoos out there want to equate Obama with Hitler, I suggest you look in the mirror.

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