Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eating Their Own (So What's New?)

Nice to see the Repubs continue in their traditional rituals - sacrificing the country to "make their point," showing their true colors (and I ain't talkin' red, white, 'n blue here, folks,) and their long-time practice of ritual cannibalism. Its actually amazing to see the shear number of former Bush-ites finally bein' the Truthers they should have been when it would have made a difference. Be they former aides, former speechwriters, or former cabinet members, they suddenly can't wait to "spill the wine" on the Three Stooges who pretended to run the country while they were really just lining their own pockets and ramming their ideology down the throat of the world. Nice guys, I admit (not the Tres Stoogettes, but the Truthers,) but it really is just too little, way too late.

I mean, if you want the world to sing in perfect harmony, ya gotta let them know they're off key when they are actually off key, not when the coast is clear, and the wallet needs filling. Coming out now is like saying, "I wasn't ready to admit to myself I was a Truther at the time, but now, I just have to be honest with myself." OK, so maybe the family wouldn't have embraced your "lifestyle choice," but at least you could have found happiness, and gone to better bars. You know, the kind that plays disco till 4 AM? Not to mention how much better you would feel if you had actually shown you took the Constitution seriously, unlike those Bozitos you worked for?

So while I am glad to hear what King George VI said about Hil's fanny in a chair, I'd have been happier had you spoken up sooner, so we could have maybe kicked the Stooges out of theirs (actually, those chairs were OURS. Ya dig?)

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