Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cheese Burgers in Paradise, or, The Tide is A'comin in, Ma!

So today, Samoa and American Samoa (some people like potatoes, and some like taro. Or, its more complicated than that,) got slammerfied by way too much water, ala a tsunami. And that is tragic, while at the same time, a perfect example of what all coastal areas around the world have in store, in the not-too distant future. To put it simply - if ya can't float, ya gonna sink.

Now, I know there are still many of you flat-truther's out there who won't believe in global climate change until you are treading water on Main Street, but here is a heads-up, anyway. Sell that Florida beach-front condo now, before its worth less than even the current Dopey and Sleepy-sized real estate market allows. Cuz' - ya goin' down! A mere 1 meter (that's Frenchy and Euro-y, I know, so fer all you 'Muricans out there, it's about a smidgeon over 3 feet,) will put most of the Florida coast line (yep, and other places, too) under the sea, with an octopus's garden opening next to the former Disney joint. Might be a new business opportunity, who knows.

Now me, I'm bettin' ya'll don't do squat until its waaaaayyyyy too late. I plan on buying up as much property as I can more than fifty feet above sea level, then sellin' it to ya'll for highly inflated prices. Sort of a reverse Florida Swamp Land deal. Seems a sweet comeuppance to me, eh?

And did you see all those bozitos who went down to the beach to "watch the tsunami" come in? That's what I call thinnin' the herd.

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