Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hey, Just Shut Yer Cakehole, Dammit!

I don't know about you (quite true, actually - I DON'T know about you, but that's a later rant, I suppose) but I am really sick and tired of those people (don't you just love that phrase - those people - as if we are referring to anyone other than "these people" ((meaning us, not them)) who insist  their idea of morality is better than yours, and if YOU would just admit you've "sinned" or somehow transgressed, and beg for repentance, you will now become as perfect as them. Makes me wanna puke.

So lets go through the drill for a moment, shall we? Now you must realize this applies to all sides of whatever debate is raging, at whatever time, in whatever place. Its unfortunately a universal irritant - Christians, Jews, Muslims, Repubs and Demos, gay and straight, enviros and rabid developers, and so on, and so on. But for the purpose of this drill, I am going to use so-called Christians. Why? Because I just want to, OK? My prerogative. Just keep in mind the same drill applies, with somewhat different questions, to every oppositional pairing you wish. So here goes.

Christian dogma has arrived at certain, well, certainties, rules, if you will, about their own belief system. So I have three questions I like to pose to this particular cult:

1.You say God is infinite, that [he?] made everything in the universe. If that is in fact true, then how can anything in the universe be evil? Because...
2. You say God is perfect, that anything [she?] creates is without flaw. So, how can anything be wrong in the eyes of your God? Because...
3. You say God created man [woman not so much? I mean, really...] in [his/her?] image. How, then, can we be flawed?

Now, I know the usual response - because God gave Man {hey, if "man" is capitalized, does this mean we are on equal footing with God? Just asking.} "free will". OK. So, if it was God who gave Man free will, and God is perfect, then anything that arises from free will is without flaw, right?

And one more thing. If God is infinite, and created Everything, and is immanent in everything, then how can God possibly hate anything or anyone [he/she?] created? Seems like you can't have it both ways, dontcha think?

Oh, right. That pesky rationalization thingy. Nice to have an easy out, isn't it?

Oh, and lets not forget - if God is perfect, this means [he/she/it?] is fully consistent. Meaning if God hates fags, for example, then [he/she/it?] also hates those who hate fags. Has a nice symmetry, I think. See, if you wish to espouse an ideology, of whatever ilk, you are either consistent with your ideology, or you are a total fake. And that is MY ideology. I can sum it up around the issue of whether I eat meat or not. Simply put - I promise I won't knock that steak off your plate if you promise to refrain from slapping a pork-chop on mine. Got it?

Just one thing left to say here - keep yer friggin morality off my lawn, bub. And I promise not to kick you in the kneecaps, eh?

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