Thursday, September 3, 2009

What's the Point?

Let's face it - everything is going to hell. In the veritable handbasket, no less. And not just here, but all over the damn place. Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Washington (DC, of course), Iran, Iceland, Argentina, like I said, all over the damn place. Swine flu, war, terrorists, homelessness, joblessness, obscene corporate profits, global warming (HELL yeah), torture, famine, child molesters, Republicans - its never just one thing, is it?

All pointers show global warming will cause significant sea level rise within the next twenty years. I just saw a post about this being the warmest year in the Arctic in more than 2000 years. BAM! There goes another ice sheet, another polar bear, another piece of the future. If the sea level rises a mere 1 meter, the resultant inundation of low-lying countries (or parts thereof), will drive millions from their homes, creating the largest single human migration event in known history. But HELL NO! NO NEW TAXES DAMMIT! Yeah, THAT'S gonna work.

And what are the politicians doing? Bargaining our future so their corporate friends (upon whom these boyos depend) don't lose a single cent of profits. Can't wait to see how many of them lose their beachfront property.

Now, do I sound bleak? Maybe. But my intent with this blog is to say the truth (sure, as I see it, but then, it IS my blog. And all the yahoos on the so-called Right (we will only refer to them after this as the Wrong) have been shoving their lies claimed as TRUTH as though from their deity (of whom they are such hypocrites about they support the death penalty, and call themselves Pro life - what a joke) way the hell down our throats for far too long.

So, there will be rants, diatribes, and homily's, but equally so, there will be celebrations, raves, and other kinds of spirit-raising hoo-ha as I can muster.

As for comments, feel free to make them, and I'll feel free to publish the one's I think are rational, well-crafted, free from abuse and obscenity, and relevant. All others will go into the recycle bin - manure does have its uses, just not on my blog.

So there.

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