Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lest We Thinketh We Be Uniqueth...

Now, let me clear something up - The US of A is not the ONLY country where idiocy is raised to the highest levels of discourse. Why, there's Iran, of course, and North Korea, gotta love 'em, eh? There is also Zimbabwe, ala Mugabe, who seems to think the international sanctions against his government are about "regime change." Well, duh!!!! It's not like anyone has been trying to keep it secret, dude! But, we shouldn't be too harsh on the poor rube - he IS in good company, after all. Why, just today, that suave and debonair fella from Iran, what's his name? Oh, Ahmadinejad, right? Anyway, he actually got up in front of the UN and told the world that His Iran was the, and I quote, here, "most democratic nation in the world." He based this asssertion of the "free and fair election" His country just held. Uuuhhhh, yeeeaaaahhhh. Sounds like he's been getting talking points from Fox News lately. Poor sod.

And we can't forget about the Lula's and the Hugo's and all those other wild-'n-crazy guys out there (notice we haven't had a really wild-'n-crazy woman running one of these Hairywood Movies as yet?) (though we did come a wee bit close with the Moose hunter up yonder, didn't we?) And yet, men are often complaining about that "crazy" woman in their lives, but that must be because they love irrational behavior as a complement to their own insanity, eh?

What the point of this little rant? Who knows. Low blood sugar? Moon in Uranus? Naw. Just wanted to point out the futility of getting freaked out by our homegrown ground sloths like Glenn Beck and John Boehner and Sarah Whoosits. They sound scary, but that's just because we're getting close to Halloween. Once they've had their fill of candy corn, they'll settle down - for a while. At least our homegrown looneys have more limited arsenals, even if they have a seemingly unlimited amount of hot air.

Hey, maybe they could all be talked into having a place in the Ahmadinejad administration. They're all pretty simpatico, dontcha think?

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