Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Yell - The Eternal Party of "NO" Finally Comes Out of the Closet

Ya gotta love those Repugnants - they sure are Olympic-level champions of the insincere deflected question. Every time someone asks them what it is they "really want" (as though we all don't know!) regarding the health careless system, they always respond with things on the order of "As long as the Democrats refuse to compromise, there is no room for discussion." Uh, right - its the fault of everyone else - the Repugs didn't break the economy - Little Jimmy Obama did. Its not the Repugs who won't compromise on the bill, its the Dems who keep saying poopy things about poor, downtrodden, helpless little ol' us!

Yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh -uh -no. Wrong, wrong, wrong. These jokers are on the loosing bobsled team of the present day, and they intend on dragging the whole country down with them if they can't play the game their way. Screw everyone else - we're taking our (and your) ball and going home to where the lobbyists roam. Typical bully behavior.

Ya know, I am not as sure as most seem to be that the tea party will have room at the table for some of these bozos later on. See, the problem with creating extreme polarization is, it damns you, too. You may THINK its giving you an advantage, but sooner or later, its gonna bite you right in the asinine ideals you try to shove down everyone else's throats. Take this idea of reconcilliation, for example. The Repugnants know what it is - they've used it themselves to ram stuff down the Nation's throats fully 18 times since the 1980s, including the infamous Gingrich "Contract on America." And look how long THAT lasted. Not to mention the enmity it created not much later among the voting populace.

So now it looks as though the Demoncrats will have to resort to the same device to get any damn thing done in this "not on our goddam watch" minority-controlled Congress. Wow. And here all this time they've been railing against minorities - turns out, they just wanted to be one themselves. Aww, its OK, all is forgiven, come on in for a round of kumbaya, ya'll!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (you know, the one where all the cowboys are out of work and paying through their saddle sores for hernia repair), the rest of us total suckers keep kissing the butts of one corporate greed-rapist after another, only to find out they left us high and dry in the morning. Granted - they DID come back in the evening to finish the repossession, but all we ended up with was a more severe case of SDTs - Spit on, Dumped on, and Taken. , and I don't mean for a ride in the country, I mean taking the country for a long ride off a short pier.

So here is a small suggestion for both "parties" who think we are the party to take their favors from - back off. You were hired (yeah, yeah, "elected" - gimme a break - you were hired by the special interests who bought the "election" for you - we ain't THAT stoopid,) to be OUR representatives, and to do the job FOR THE COUNTRY,  not for you and your "special friends." So get back to work, doing the real people's work. And right quick, ya dig? You may THINK you have everything sewn up for a coup in the midterm "elections," but don't say we didn't warn ALL of you.

Things have a funny way of doing the opposite of what you want them to do. Especially with the voters.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cruel to be Kind, In Whatever Measure

Watching the Olympics? Hey, of course I am, though in general, I am not "into" sports. Find most of the sports today to be a waste of time. But the Oly's? Freakin' fantastic, for the most part. Take the very human face of the Canadian Joannie Rochette, whose mother passed away at the Games two days prior to her performance last night. Yet she went on, and got the bronze, before breaking down. Now, I don't know about you (really - I don't - I am not the government or the school board), but to go on and perform in front of the world just after the death of a parent, and to do it with grace and dignity? Well. Just, well. Very humbling (though not to the tea party, I bet.) I know I couldn't have begun to match that performance - not the skating (I'm hopeless, let's face it,) but the ability to hold up and go "on with the show." Talk about a great athlete.

Her performance put to mind other great Oly moments - Ali with the torch, for example. Here is a venue in which the world competes - without killing each other! Incredible! Are there moments of controversy? hell, yes. But the focus remains on everyone doing their personal best, something the rest of us need to give far more consideration as regards our own lives. Is our personal best achieved when we hurt another person, or when we find a way to make our differences clear while retaining respect for each other as fellow humans? (Oh, I can hear the whining already - "Communist", "socialist." "Liberal." Hey, I prefer, human.

Try it out. It's got a nice ring. AND, you can dance to it!!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cheney Down, Punching All The Way to the Canvas! Crowd On It's Feet!

Its not supposed to be nice to applaud someone's potential demise, unless its bin Laden, or Hitler, or some horrible miscreant who has sullied the human race's "good name" (ahem!). But I have to add the Dick-meister's name to that sordid list, if only for his, what in other times would be called, seditious speech and behavior. He is about one adjective away from calling for open insurrection, and goading on the more insane among the populace. When one looks at what the Tutsi's managed to foment against the Hutu's (or was it the other way around? No matter - they did the usual tit-for-tat, anyway), then it is not a far stretch from that to firing up the malcontents here in a country that has more armaments per capita than all the machetes in Rwanda, by about a 1000 to one ratio.

So the way I see it, chest pains aren't even close to what this cretin needs to feel, if in fact Darth Vader is even capable of feeling at all. Throat excision might be a reasonable start. "Oh", you whine, "so you are against free speech for the other side, is that it?" No, not so, except to the extent it is not considered free speech to shout fire in a crowded smoking tent. The Far Wrong has been trying to curtail free speech for decades, from textbooks, to library books (freakin' Huck Finn, for Chesty Morgan's sake!) to people who voted for Ralph Nader. OK, maybe not that last one, but still, the track record of the Wing Nuts on the issue of wanting others to shut the frak up is without peer. So my wanting the Dick-meister to shut the frak up is, I think, in the same spirit as the spewings from Tush Limpburger. Oh, don't get me started.

As long at the Repugnants insist on flaunting candidates like She-Rah Pail-In and an entire passel of no-nothing, see-nothing nut-jobs onto the world stage, well, I just gotta be greatful when the fickle finger of fate nails one of these cheese-for-brains and brings them down to the reality many are having to face every day - no jobs, no or far too expensive health care (protection racket) insurance, and a host of other base-line crapola. Maybe they would slowly start to change from the Party of No, to a party more concerned with people than with their corporate butt-buddies.

Me? I ain't holding my breath. Except when the stink is more than I can bear.

Besides - my stinkin' "insurance" company doesn't cover preexisting political disgust.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Where I Come From, Farmers Shoot The Damn Crows!

There is a special place in hell and literature for those who spit nasty at others and then complain and weep and moan when they get a little back. Self-inflation and its inevitable consequences have all the allure of a train wreck, without any of the redeeming features, such as the opportunity for heroism. When you go and stick your face into the blades of whirling public scrutiny, don't be surprised when you get turned to pulp.

It seems the Queen of the Moose, She-Rah, went and done another dumb-ass mouth-flappin'. And this time it was over a cartoon character! Well, wouldn't ya know it? Seems she was all gefiltefishy over the character of a young girl/teenager (who can tell with cartoons characters? No, really - who can tell?) who had Down's syndrome. I mean, what temerity!! to dare make fun of someone who is different? And this despite defending Rushy-pants Limpburgher's comments about "retards" after railing against a slip-o-the-lip from that Jewish guy at the Mixed-race House over there in the D.C. Yep. She gave Fatty Tarbuckle's a pass!! Go figure.

Anyhoo, here's the pickle part of the deal. Seems the young woman who actually voiced the cartoonish character on The Family Guy, herself, well, has Down's Syndrome. Hmm. Seems she makes a living as an actor and voice-over person. So, self-employed? Sounds free enterprise, don't she? And has a sense of humor, right? Sounds kinda normal-ish to me.

But as far as She-Rah goes, she'd just as soon carry her little Trig under her arm like a loaf of Frenchy bread (not my words, folks) while simultaneously asking us all to condemn someone making a living and excersizing her First Amendment right to free speech and all that ACLU-y stuff, as long as she can milk it for her own ends. But we shouldn't be surprised, should we?

Pride, as the old saw has it, goeth before a fall. But it doesn't tell you what you are going to land on when you do. Could be pillows (unlikely) or could be pitchforks, ya never can tell.

Remember them pesky old Greeks, founders of democracy and all that uncomfortable stuff? Well, they had a word for these red-faced baboons on the Far Wrong right about now.


The gods have a little issue with that. And if you've been paying any attention to the history of the last, oh, I don't know, 4000 years of history, then you should have a pretty decent idea of what they like to do to folks what displays that particular vice, eh?

I'm going for the plague of locusts, myself.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Abbattoir!!! Now In 3-D!!!

"Abattoir" is the enchanting story of a Party of Red-State beings who, determined to retake their ravaged nation from the invading Liberal Elites, dress themselves in the haunted past of a Nation that never really was, but in the imaginations of those timeless dunces, McCarthy and Birch. An enormous gathering of the T-Ballers. as they come to call themselves, led by the Incredibly Dubious She-Rah, Queen of the Moose Tribe, they vow to work their magic and unleash The Hounds of the Corporate Skulldulligans, dripping with moolah and greed, to venture forth and wreck havoc on the forces of the Obama-Monsters until they smite them and drive their abhorrent offspring back into the foul lands of Berkeley and Princeton, and similar islands of tepid commitment inhabited by other Ilk of the Blue People.

Unfortunately, when the Grand Gatherinbg of the T-Ballers takes place, there arise Dissenters in their midst, led by the affable and gentle Rushmount Limbergher, who rises to taunt the She-Rah with shouts of "Retard, weenie, pretzel-head and meanie!" Soon, the cry is taken up by many in the mob, who perhaps mistakenly believe this to be their new-ish battle cry. She-Rah leaves the altar in tears, but not before making a curse upon the Little People who throw themselves at the feet of the Limbergher-man, that they shall wander in the wilderness of Little Rock and its environs for Lo! these many years without hope for succotash and other edible garments. The Media Mavens have a field day, and proclaim the T-Ballers another Smashing Failure, dead at their own damp hands.

The film ends with an enormous party in the Land of Berkeley, which predictably devolves into an orgy of finger-pointing and factionalism, leaving the entire field as open as it ever was.

I'm afraid I have to give this film two thumbs down. Throw 'em to the lions, Mel!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It Felt So Good Slamming The Door on His Finger The First Time, We Want to Do it Again!

At this point, if the Prez were to suggest invading the rest of the world, put an oil rig in every back yard, build nuke plants all over the country, and give rich folk the only vote in all matters before Congress, I'm convinced the Repugnicants would find something wrong with every single proposal. And the Demoncritters would be falling all over themselves to shuffle and prevaricate. (((yawn))) Well, what's the point grumbling about the jackdaws - ya just know they won't be quiet, and they will poop all over everything anyway, so we may as well raise the umbrellas and invest in an earplug company.

So let me ask all you folks out there a simple question - this partisans**t working for you? Gettin' the jobs back? Fixin' the roads? Keepin' the schools open and strong? Stayin' out of yer bedroom?

And about that "no new taxes" thang - keepin' things nice and cozy for ya? I mean, how ya gonna be happy with failed roads if you have to keep replacing tires at twice the normal rate?

And no "government run health care," how's that working? MY so-called insurance plan just jacked my rates up by more than $150 above the already insane rate I currently pay. Funny thing about that - I am having surgery in March, right? So, they have to do all that pre-approval stuff, right? And so, and so, well, I just got screwed again. And I didn't even climax. But you can bet yer booty, bubba, the insurance, er, protection racket sure as hell did!

Oh, I'm sorry - you think the issue is government intrusion into an already working system, right? Wow - where were you when you passed out the pickles, eh? Here's the fine point on that pencil, folks - - - - IT AIN"T WORKING NOW!!!!! We got private corporations making us all poorer, but blaming the government for the happiness such a system provides? Come on, people!! Wake up!!! Yer fallin' for the biggest snow-job every concocted.

Ya need to protect yer credit score, ya gotta have health insurance, car insurance, homeowner's insurance, walking down a public street insurance (cops), leaving buildings alive insurance (fire/building codes), on and on, and on! You've been totally hornswoggled! In fact, yer so blinded to the reality that is the so-called "free market," you can't even ENTERTAIN the idea you have, along with millions of yer fellow sheep, been, oh, how can I say this? Uh - led astray? Bullshitted? Lied to? Spit on with a handshake and a kick in the pants? Hey, pick yer own metaphor - they all apply.

So I don't want to hear this "keep the government out of my doctor's office" crap, 'cuz its already there. It's just that its been "privatized," and called "insurance companies" instead. Which, (oh, I can't believe I even have to point this out) means you, yes you, bucko, are simply paying a middle man, who doesn't even have to put anything back into the kitty, meaning, of course, the Treasury of the People of the United States.

So, good on you - ya killed any kind of reasonable approach to health insurance reform.

Feelin' better now? Hey, Doc! Give the kid a sucker.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Toyota's Done For; Ford Exhaults! It's Pedal to the Metal Time!!!

Ya know, 's funny, the way some folks hear things. For example - I say the weathers a bit unpredictable, sure as snot, some bozito is gonna say, "man, more rain?" Despite it having not rained for several years. Or, to put a finer point on it, say some big car company finally admits they have a problem with a component on some of their models, so they do the right thing and not only issue a quiet, under the counter type recall, but these guys actually go the next step of Zounds! closing down production and sales until they actually can fix the problem. And not only issue a recall, but open special repair centers to speed the process for owners of their vehicles. Yeah, I know, a VERY far-fetched scenario, but try to stay with me on this.

So say, by way of such an example, folks respond by saying such idiocies as "I'll never by one of those Flotsom's again, ya just ain't safe. I'm going back to a domestic model" (what's that, a shapely house keeper?) This despite the fact the Flotsom has the single best safety and reliability factor of any car on the road. And equally despite the fact the other car companies (most especially those "domestics" ) have about the worse reliability records, and, oh yeah, announce sotto voce nearly every year recalls up the exhaust pipe! But do the bozitos stop and think about the relativistic implications? That more than half of the models in Flotsam's fleet are just peachy, thank you? Or that Flotsom is being very public about this, spending what may very well amount to billions to fix the problem, that has, TO DATE, amounted in less than 20 known mishaps associated with said problem?

No, Virginia, they do not. Stop and think, that is. Instead, they go all "oh, my, the sky has fallen and I can't get up" stuff. 'Course, these are likely the same people who think the government should stay out of the health care bidness, while apparently failing to have heard about, uh, Medicare? Veteran's Hospitals?

Let's face it - that movie, "Idiocracy"? Definitely non-fiction.