Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cheney Down, Punching All The Way to the Canvas! Crowd On It's Feet!

Its not supposed to be nice to applaud someone's potential demise, unless its bin Laden, or Hitler, or some horrible miscreant who has sullied the human race's "good name" (ahem!). But I have to add the Dick-meister's name to that sordid list, if only for his, what in other times would be called, seditious speech and behavior. He is about one adjective away from calling for open insurrection, and goading on the more insane among the populace. When one looks at what the Tutsi's managed to foment against the Hutu's (or was it the other way around? No matter - they did the usual tit-for-tat, anyway), then it is not a far stretch from that to firing up the malcontents here in a country that has more armaments per capita than all the machetes in Rwanda, by about a 1000 to one ratio.

So the way I see it, chest pains aren't even close to what this cretin needs to feel, if in fact Darth Vader is even capable of feeling at all. Throat excision might be a reasonable start. "Oh", you whine, "so you are against free speech for the other side, is that it?" No, not so, except to the extent it is not considered free speech to shout fire in a crowded smoking tent. The Far Wrong has been trying to curtail free speech for decades, from textbooks, to library books (freakin' Huck Finn, for Chesty Morgan's sake!) to people who voted for Ralph Nader. OK, maybe not that last one, but still, the track record of the Wing Nuts on the issue of wanting others to shut the frak up is without peer. So my wanting the Dick-meister to shut the frak up is, I think, in the same spirit as the spewings from Tush Limpburger. Oh, don't get me started.

As long at the Repugnants insist on flaunting candidates like She-Rah Pail-In and an entire passel of no-nothing, see-nothing nut-jobs onto the world stage, well, I just gotta be greatful when the fickle finger of fate nails one of these cheese-for-brains and brings them down to the reality many are having to face every day - no jobs, no or far too expensive health care (protection racket) insurance, and a host of other base-line crapola. Maybe they would slowly start to change from the Party of No, to a party more concerned with people than with their corporate butt-buddies.

Me? I ain't holding my breath. Except when the stink is more than I can bear.

Besides - my stinkin' "insurance" company doesn't cover preexisting political disgust.


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