Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It Felt So Good Slamming The Door on His Finger The First Time, We Want to Do it Again!

At this point, if the Prez were to suggest invading the rest of the world, put an oil rig in every back yard, build nuke plants all over the country, and give rich folk the only vote in all matters before Congress, I'm convinced the Repugnicants would find something wrong with every single proposal. And the Demoncritters would be falling all over themselves to shuffle and prevaricate. (((yawn))) Well, what's the point grumbling about the jackdaws - ya just know they won't be quiet, and they will poop all over everything anyway, so we may as well raise the umbrellas and invest in an earplug company.

So let me ask all you folks out there a simple question - this partisans**t working for you? Gettin' the jobs back? Fixin' the roads? Keepin' the schools open and strong? Stayin' out of yer bedroom?

And about that "no new taxes" thang - keepin' things nice and cozy for ya? I mean, how ya gonna be happy with failed roads if you have to keep replacing tires at twice the normal rate?

And no "government run health care," how's that working? MY so-called insurance plan just jacked my rates up by more than $150 above the already insane rate I currently pay. Funny thing about that - I am having surgery in March, right? So, they have to do all that pre-approval stuff, right? And so, and so, well, I just got screwed again. And I didn't even climax. But you can bet yer booty, bubba, the insurance, er, protection racket sure as hell did!

Oh, I'm sorry - you think the issue is government intrusion into an already working system, right? Wow - where were you when you passed out the pickles, eh? Here's the fine point on that pencil, folks - - - - IT AIN"T WORKING NOW!!!!! We got private corporations making us all poorer, but blaming the government for the happiness such a system provides? Come on, people!! Wake up!!! Yer fallin' for the biggest snow-job every concocted.

Ya need to protect yer credit score, ya gotta have health insurance, car insurance, homeowner's insurance, walking down a public street insurance (cops), leaving buildings alive insurance (fire/building codes), on and on, and on! You've been totally hornswoggled! In fact, yer so blinded to the reality that is the so-called "free market," you can't even ENTERTAIN the idea you have, along with millions of yer fellow sheep, been, oh, how can I say this? Uh - led astray? Bullshitted? Lied to? Spit on with a handshake and a kick in the pants? Hey, pick yer own metaphor - they all apply.

So I don't want to hear this "keep the government out of my doctor's office" crap, 'cuz its already there. It's just that its been "privatized," and called "insurance companies" instead. Which, (oh, I can't believe I even have to point this out) means you, yes you, bucko, are simply paying a middle man, who doesn't even have to put anything back into the kitty, meaning, of course, the Treasury of the People of the United States.

So, good on you - ya killed any kind of reasonable approach to health insurance reform.

Feelin' better now? Hey, Doc! Give the kid a sucker.


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