Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cruel to be Kind, In Whatever Measure

Watching the Olympics? Hey, of course I am, though in general, I am not "into" sports. Find most of the sports today to be a waste of time. But the Oly's? Freakin' fantastic, for the most part. Take the very human face of the Canadian Joannie Rochette, whose mother passed away at the Games two days prior to her performance last night. Yet she went on, and got the bronze, before breaking down. Now, I don't know about you (really - I don't - I am not the government or the school board), but to go on and perform in front of the world just after the death of a parent, and to do it with grace and dignity? Well. Just, well. Very humbling (though not to the tea party, I bet.) I know I couldn't have begun to match that performance - not the skating (I'm hopeless, let's face it,) but the ability to hold up and go "on with the show." Talk about a great athlete.

Her performance put to mind other great Oly moments - Ali with the torch, for example. Here is a venue in which the world competes - without killing each other! Incredible! Are there moments of controversy? hell, yes. But the focus remains on everyone doing their personal best, something the rest of us need to give far more consideration as regards our own lives. Is our personal best achieved when we hurt another person, or when we find a way to make our differences clear while retaining respect for each other as fellow humans? (Oh, I can hear the whining already - "Communist", "socialist." "Liberal." Hey, I prefer, human.

Try it out. It's got a nice ring. AND, you can dance to it!!


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