Monday, February 1, 2010

Toyota's Done For; Ford Exhaults! It's Pedal to the Metal Time!!!

Ya know, 's funny, the way some folks hear things. For example - I say the weathers a bit unpredictable, sure as snot, some bozito is gonna say, "man, more rain?" Despite it having not rained for several years. Or, to put a finer point on it, say some big car company finally admits they have a problem with a component on some of their models, so they do the right thing and not only issue a quiet, under the counter type recall, but these guys actually go the next step of Zounds! closing down production and sales until they actually can fix the problem. And not only issue a recall, but open special repair centers to speed the process for owners of their vehicles. Yeah, I know, a VERY far-fetched scenario, but try to stay with me on this.

So say, by way of such an example, folks respond by saying such idiocies as "I'll never by one of those Flotsom's again, ya just ain't safe. I'm going back to a domestic model" (what's that, a shapely house keeper?) This despite the fact the Flotsom has the single best safety and reliability factor of any car on the road. And equally despite the fact the other car companies (most especially those "domestics" ) have about the worse reliability records, and, oh yeah, announce sotto voce nearly every year recalls up the exhaust pipe! But do the bozitos stop and think about the relativistic implications? That more than half of the models in Flotsam's fleet are just peachy, thank you? Or that Flotsom is being very public about this, spending what may very well amount to billions to fix the problem, that has, TO DATE, amounted in less than 20 known mishaps associated with said problem?

No, Virginia, they do not. Stop and think, that is. Instead, they go all "oh, my, the sky has fallen and I can't get up" stuff. 'Course, these are likely the same people who think the government should stay out of the health care bidness, while apparently failing to have heard about, uh, Medicare? Veteran's Hospitals?

Let's face it - that movie, "Idiocracy"? Definitely non-fiction.


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