Friday, January 29, 2010

Pot Calls Kettle, Uh, Red?

The Prez gave his State of the Dis-Union speech this week, said some nice things, etc., had the usual crowd yeah-ing, and the other usual crowd spitting milk out of their noses. Alito looked as though he'd been stuck with a lemon-drop martini into his right eye, some Repugnicant gov gave the usual tainted-bromide response, and therein revealed the truth of the entire matter. No surprise, really. I mean, we all know damn well the Repugs cannot abide that colored guy messin' up their White Guy House, no surprise. But when they lay it out as a bald-faced truth about their , uh, thinking? on this topic, well, just a breath of pig swill, ain't it?

Every time I hear the likes of John-boy Boehnhead spit out stuff like "whenever the President wants to stop being partisan, we are ready to work with him." To do a disservice to the late great Jimi Hendrix, excuse me while I kiss the toilet. Just when have the Repugnicants ever even TRIED to be bi-partisan? Certainly not since the colored guy assumed their precious seat of power, that's for sure. Maybe its the word, what do you think? "Bi" partisan? I mean, these bozitos will screw anything with money, but if they have to actually ADMIT they could be a partner in solving this nation's woes, well, their acute homophobia kicks in. Wouldn't do to have their constituents think they were "gettin' cozy with the guys" now, would it?

Come on, people! This is the problem with extreme ideologies: screw the other guy while cloaking yourself in the mantle of righteousness. I see no substantial difference between the Far Wrong in this country and the Taliban. Both refuse to rest until all apostates are "converted" or eliminated, whether by bullet or ballot, as long as the "unbelievers" get the hell out of the way. Extremists are only different from each other in the type and degree of weaponry, with no real difference in motive or sense of God on their side and the devil to the rest of you.

People, we are ALL in deep doo here. And whatever your political stripes, the effect of the current disastrous state of the union is such that Repugs and Demoncrats, so-called In-depends, agnostics, and anarchists are all going down with the ship. Only the rich are staying somewhat above water. So why is it, that someone like John and Jane middle America, up to their throats in debt, fear and loathing, still allow themselves to fall for one set of political promises after another without EVER considering how the consequences, intended or otherwise, are going to make things even worse for them than it's already been for the past eight or none years? Face it - no politician makes a promise they can ever really keep. Even those who are candid about the reality have little power. Obstructionist on both sides of the aisle prevent anything from happening that doesn't benefit their rich and corporate butt-buddies, while simultaneously depriving the rest of us with anything resembling a fair deal.

I recently read a comment on some other blog, can't recall where it was or who said it, but the thought is what counts, eh? The posted offered an excellent idea - as long as the corporations keep buying politicians, we are always the ones getting screwed. Therefore, stop voting for any incumbent, except those who can prove they have taken NO corporate bribes, funding, etc., until the corporations start to realize they won't have the same guy/gal from one election cycle to the next, and start to see they are wasting their bribes. Lets turn over the slate in every election - Fed, state, and local - except for those who can show, with complete transparency, they only accept campaign donations of say, $500 or less from any given contributor, and none at all from any corporation. Throw all the other bums out. Will we lose some good and otherwise honest people? Sure. But since the Suckdream Court essentially gave the Government over to the corporatsnaktions, this is essentially the only real power we the people have left. So why not, as they say, get a little excersize?

Between the ineffectiveness of the Demoncrats, and the arrogance and intransigence of the Repugnicants, the idea of the Prez, of whatever stripe, actually getting things fixed in this country is as absurd as saying there will finally be individual jet-packs available for you and me, fifty years after they were promised by Popular Science. Hell, we don't even have jet-powered skateboards yet!

So, we have two choices: sit down, shut up, and spend every last dollar on crap you don't need, or stand up, make noise, and put your money where your mouth is.

Don't you think its time to send the Extremes packing?


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