Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh, Great. Now the Crows Are Gonna Poop on Everything!

Ever notice how some species get all in a huff when they don't get their way? And then when they DO get their way, they are still in some version of a huff? Or how some creatures just can't help but wallow in their own self-aggrandizement? (Sorry - I know it's a bit early for the big words, but I need to get them out of the way early in the day, ya dig?) Anyhoo - the Repugnicants are in full fluff over their twin wins - another Brownie scout, and the latest hit record from the Supremes, wherein their fat cat corporate lap dancers can spew their zillions all over the landscape helping the Far Wrong further drill its nasty little dental drill into the brains of every citizen, without restriction. 'Course, so can the other side, but we know where the biggest trough is and whose allowed at its swill.

And will they be even a wee bit magnanimous in their victory dance? Does the Pope s**t in the woods? Can a bear do a passing imitation of Grover Cleavland at the Ice Capades? Come on - why even bother trying to answer the question, eh,  Bubba? Nah,their gonna rub everyone's face in this stinkin' pile for the entire foreseeable future. Just like they do every day. Big surprise.

But lets not tell them about the price of hubris, what say? 'Cause every time the bozitos fly too close to their own golden sphincters,  well,  lets just say it all won't come off in the wash. It is the one true rule of success - eventually, you gonna fall on your ass in front of the world, especially if you keep waving your arms in self-congratulation. In fact, allow Notumbus Bumbus to make a little prediction here: The Far Wrong are gonna think these two wins mean ultimate victory for their warped crusade to crowd-surf on the heads of everyone and everything they despise (boy, THAT was an easy prediction), and, in their wet-dream of absolute victory, they will unleash their own McCarthy Moment. And I'd say this should be happening right around the next election, where they hope to crush all hope for any real future for the America most of the people want to see flourish.

Now,  I will be the first to admit (no, not to a sexual perversity that will make me lose in my next race to the poorhouse) that this seems an easy prediction. After all, we know how the Far Wrong's butt-boys, like O'Really and Glenny-poo, Hammity and Coult 45, like to open mouth, insert anus. And how their fav fatboy Limbarfer will spew his face off till the cows come home,  get milked,  then return to the field for some more methane spewing. But this time, the hubris will shine most supreme from within the actual elected Far Wrong Frat Party itself, swollen with tumescent pride, and voila! there goes the weasels, doin' the full backpedal. Remember how much the Far Wrong just LOVED the John-boy Edwards debacle? And how every time one of the Repugnicants got caught with their own diddle-and-fiddle "issues"? Remember how well their Teflon worked?

Well, I predict a similar punking, and this time,  that non-stick cooking utensil is gonna make the yolk stick so bad, they won't even be able to get it off with a bucket of Brillo. Because now that all the gloves are off with the corporate donors and all, even THEY won't want to back a candidate with too much smutty stuff on their hands. Because - you know what's coming, right? - corporations are interested in one thing, and one thing only - their money. Can you say "boycott?" Yes, Virginia,many people can. And as they are the one's upon whom the corporations depend for their money, I predict a renewal of the use of, and the success of, the time-honored tradition of money talking, bullshit walking. And let me be even more specific - the perp on the Repugnicant side will be from the Senate. That's right - the House of Cards.

And as we get closer to that Very Special Time,election season, Notumbus Bumbus will be even more specific. You might want to start telling people you read it here first. Call it,  The Pudge report. Yep, as in Masked Pudge (come on, work with me here!)

'Nuff said!

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