Monday, January 4, 2010

And What Does Pop Culture Have In Common With Yogurt?

Now, I'll be the first to admit there may be nothing to the rumor, but I can't help but share the feeling best expressed by a character in a Hans Johst play, and popularized by Hermann Goering, "whenever I hear the word "culture", I reach for my gun." But to clarify - MY concern with people who talk "culture" is NOT with culture itself, but with those who pervert the entire idea of culture by selling the lie theirs IS the only culture, or at least, the only one with any true legitimacy. The Far Wrong, lets face it people, think moose hunting is high culture, superseded only by the successful hunting of abortion providers. But I digress (as if that should matter.)

The Royal Nut Jobs on the Far Wrong have been attempting to sell fear and lies for decades, so we really shouldn't be surprised by such el-crapola. Stll, one cannot help but feel the world will be better served if these bozitos would just attain collective laryngitis simultaneously. Its like this: Colbert = satire = funny; Beck = hate = not funny. Funny = culture; not funny = boring, which rhymes with Goering. Figure it out fer yerself, mein freund.

Of course, there is that special sort of "intellectual culture" the Far Wrong-o's like to spew, er, espouse. These toad men like to claim various aspects of science are somehow still in "controversy." They want people to debate the "controversy" of evolution; the "controversy" of global warming. They insist that "most Americans" are against abortion, conveniently ignoring poll after poll showing the real majority of Americans are against the abolition of the right to abortion. They believe that saying something in a certain way, over and over and over, at 140 decibels, makes it so, but this is merely their on-going lie, not just to the rest of the population, but to their own children, as well. Yeah, that's what Jesus would do, ain't it? Lie?

And fear? Boy, have these cretins really "got" Jesus' message, haven't they?

Truth, people? Lies and fear violate the primary commandment they tell us their "Lord" handed down - Thou shall not steal. Lies steal truth; fear steals trust and honor; murder steals existence.

The Far Wrong has been engaged in wholesale theft for decades, and trying to con everyone into believing they are more patriotic than the rest of us.

I got one thing to say to these bottom feeders:



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