Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of the Year, er, Decade As We Know It. Yawn...

As decades go, you have to say this one has been pretty much Bush league. Kinda smorgasbord-y, ya know? Stolen elections, terror, more terror, full emergence into the light of day by the Far Wrong, financial ruin, insane Congress - I mean, that all you got??!! Even if I take one from column A, and three from column B, that still leaves me with, well, unemployment for the masses? OK, OK, ya got me on that one. But lets take a minute to ponder some hineys, er, hindsight, eh?

After Ken Lay screwed over millions, and all those other greed-meisters up to and most certainly including Bernie "I Got Mine" Madoff (yeah, he sure did,) finished us off, we figured, well, we just might make it despite those robber barons. Oh, how the gullible will set themselves up. Yup. Down comes the house of Vegas cards that is Wall Street. Uh, with all our money. Say bye-bye, 401K. Say arevaderche to that pension, suckers. Toodle-loo, oh job of mine. So long, home-owner dreams. Wow, it's great to be an Amurica, ain't it, Glenny Beck? Sure is patriotic to shout at everyone we disagree with, right, O'Really? And She-Rah! Hows things goin' when you're rouge runs, huh? Well, I guess we musta felt really inadequate to the mullahs over there, so we went and hired a few of our own.

That's Ayatollah-ya-so to you, citizen!

Yeah, 2010's gonna be a great year. Ya just feel it comin' atcha, don't ya?


Great, just great.

Toodle-loo, Bucky.

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