Sunday, December 20, 2009

You Do It Your Way, We'll Screw It Up OUR Way!

Don't it just tickle yer pinky's, folks, how if there's away to make things worse, we hu-mans are the real Champ-eens on that front? We can mess up the most pristine nature, we can mess up most any culture you can name, why, we can even really mess up our own habitat to the point where we can't even live in it anymore! Now, tell me - can any other creature on this planet even TOUCH our record??!!

HELL, no!

We are so damn good at screwing things up, we can't even help doing so when we supposedly want to "turn the boat around." The whole freakin' WORLD goes to Copenhagen, and uses as much carbon as 40,000 Amuricans do in ONE FREAKIN' DAY! Lets see a penguin do THAT!!! And, to top off the sundae, we succeed - in not getting a damn thing done! Whoo-hoo!! We are the CHAMPIONS!

See, its critical to our self-importance that we do an even better job at extinction events than those stupid dinosaurs. Hell, they were just big LIZARDS.  We, damn it, are HU-MANS. Take THAT!!! And we don't need no stinkin' meteors, ya dig? We can do it with a simple piece of coal, and the hot, self-serving air of the wealthy and obscenely selfish people who sit at the top of the food chain. Who, by some as-yet-to-be-revealed secret hand-shake technique, have conned many other fellow hu-mans into agreeing to believe in easy-to-use double-speak, to buy in to the "the world is not heating up and if it is its not our fault so we don't need to do squat" mentality.

Do ya think there's an Oscar for that?

Well if there isn't, there damn well should be! Go, Hu-Mans!!


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