Sunday, December 6, 2009

Don't Try to Make Me Think - It Hurts Too Much. Or - Yes Glenny, Pigs WILL Fly.

It seems the Far Looney Wrong doesn't have enough things to play Twizzler with. I mean, they gots their "birthers," and their "truthers," and their "climate skeptics,"and what all. And we KNOW how much these fringe-sicles like to take a tiny inconsistency in the facts of something, and make those inconsistencies "mean" the thing itself is, well, a lie. Or (and don't we all just love it,) a "conspiracy." So it really comes as no surprise these same nut jobs have taken some inconsistencies and even a few stoopid remarks by a couple of climate researchers (stolen, I might add - a point that has gotten surprisingly little comment from anyone) and claim these minutia are "proof" there really is no climate change.

Now, where I come from, saying the sun is green don't make it so. You might want it to be green, you might run around tryin' to tell folks its green, but no matter how hard you try, or how loud you yell, the damn thing stays yellow. And that is why the folks in white coats needs ta have a look at ya.

So what the hell difference does it really make, that a coupla sad-sack researchers try to fudge their numbers? I mean, it ain't as if these few yutz's represent the entire field of research, ya dig? Besides, it just might be that, having to conduct research in East Anglia, fer cry-yi, just makes folks do stoopid things. The actual truth of the matter is, the vast preponderance (oops - sorry for the big words again,) of the evidence, of which more than 98% of ALL climate researchers agree and concur, and are trying desperately to get the rest of us yahoos to wake up to, tells us we furry bipeds may be on a path to do to ourselves, (and every other poor creature sittin' in this stew with us) what it usually takes a serious comet smackin' into the planet like a banked shot down at Louie's Billiards would do. And I don't know about you bozitos out there, but I for one do NOT plan on movin' to the Himalayas just to have beach front property.

So, lets talk facts. Yes,I said FACTS. 1. The sea level IS rising, yep, and QUITE well documented at this point. 2. The glaciers, the freakin' ice caps, the big-ass Greenland ice sheet, and Murray's Ski Chalet are all melting at a faster rate than was even predicted LAST YEAR. Which partially explains #1. 3. (I like this one - 'cuz most folks take a few minutes to actually GET the implications) The freakin' permafrost is melting, and fast. Permafrost. Folks, people in Alaska, and in every community above the Arctic Circle, are facing the very real prospect of having their homes sink (which MAY be the solution to all those She-Rah book signings.)  Think about that for a minute - homes - sinking - let it sink in - aaaannnnd, now - no? Doesn't bother you? Well, we weren't TALKING to YOU!! We are talking to people who can actually think beyond their own back yards. Which apparently the Far Looney Wrong cannot do, or are perhaps in an extreme case of denial. Which is also rising. (Bada-boom!)

And yes, Priscilla, there is more. There are islands in the South Pacific that are no more than a few meters above sea level, and are already seeing their nation partly under water whenever there is a storm. There are towns in Greenland facing the prospect of massive ice slides destroying them, as the dynamics are currently in place to make this a significant possibility. I don't know about you, but the idea of mudslides is hard enough for me to grasp, as a method of death, but now we are looking at freakin' ICE SLIDES? And you yutz's think the difference of a few degrees between different researchers means ANYTHING?

Just the other day, on Stinson Beach in California (nice place, been there coupla times) folks recovered, and worked to save, a type of sea turtle normally found no further north than San Diego. Recent movements of many migratory birds, fish, insects, etc., are heading in directions well beyond their normal ranges, because, well "things they happen." When the life cycle of an insect, upon whose existence a certain bird species depends for it's own sustenance, matures six to eight weeks earlier than usual, and said bird's migratory schedule doesn't change at the same rate, the bird shows up at the resort only to find there is no food at the inn. After just flying five thousand miles (you try it, ya nimrod) they tend to be a bit hungry. What are you so-called "skeptics" gonna tell the birdies - go to McDonalds? Here's a wake up clue - IT AIN'T ALL ABOUT YOU!!!

So scream and cry all you want about a few purloined e-mails, and trying to make them into a refutation of the vast preponderance (there I go again) of evidence that is actually trying to warn us all of imminent danger to our home. No, not your little hovel, Chewy, but the WHOLE FREAKIN' PLANET. 'Cuz, and I seem to have to repeat this a lot, IT ISN'T ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FEEBLE MINDS.  There are many others who, unlike you, do NOT want to hand off the planet to their grandkids without cleaning up at least a part of our own mess first. I mean really, would YOU buy this house, falling down, under water, or without any water at all? Yeah, didn't think so.

Go on, play with your stolen silliness. Make up "facts" to fit your beliefs, rather than the other way around. In the end, when most of Florida, Manhattan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and so on, and so on, are under water, you go out and enjoy rowing that skiff. Good excersize, I hear. 'Cuz it really doesn't matter what any one of us BELIEVES. The facts, as Noah finally figured out, will speak for themselves.

Happy swimmin'.

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