Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jerks in the Ascendency: O'Really Really Pokes Self in Eye

The LA Times has a story on the great Bill Moyers, last of the true moralists in media today. Seems this particular Bill is stepping down, figuring that 75 years is as good a time as any to finally retire, maybe write some more books, maybe take the grandkids fishing. Good on him, I say, and may the best await you.

But this is the story of another Bill, a Jerk of the First Magnitude. Seems Bill O'Really? thinks it was he who is responsible for "forcing Moyers off the air."  Talk about a foul stench.This Jerk of Jerks, this King Rat Jerk, who has nothing but bone in his head, actually has the temerity to believe he is a better person than Moyers? If it wasn't so clearly laughable, I'd be projectile vomiting at the very air he occupies.

Let's set the record straight, eh? O'Really doesn't have the talent of a dead gnat - he just yells louder than a wounded pig. Yes, its clear he "speaks" to some "element" such as the teabagger pigletts, but lets be honest - he has the integrity of same mentioned dead gnat, except at least the gnat has the decency to shut up once in a while.

America, let me ask you a question - do you REALLY want this country run by the No Nothing, Care Nothing Party led by O'Really and Glenny Beckandcall? 'Cuz if you do, then I suggest you all just take Alaska and that Moose Queen and play by yourselves. Because I can guarantee - you are in for a real fight.

Most REAL Americans want democracy - not Bluto-ocracy.


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