Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Call a Spade a Duck if You Like, But I Still Can't Dig It.

"Health Care Reform?" Who the hell are they kidding? Bozitos on the Far Wrong want everyone to be scared, very scared, about a "government takeover," like that hasn't already happened with our roads, our military, our taxes, well, you get my drift. And bozitos on the Too Righteous end of the spectrum think a "public option" is equated with the Third Coming (what, you missed the Second? Pay less attention to your TV this time, silly,) and, just as those on the other end of the teeter-totter, have failed to read the fine print.

And fine it is! First, the very name of this bill (you'll know its a bill when it shows up in the mail,) is a piece of perfect deception. This whopper is actually better called the "Insurance Company Windfall and Christmas Present for Lobbyist's" bill. There are so many loopholes, hidden goodies, and squirm room in this mutha that it seems all the opponents are "right" about the monster, but as usual, for all the wrong reasons.

The so-called "public option" was dead on arrival anyway. The insurance companies have never been, and never will be, champions of "free enterprise." Hell, "free enterprise" just means businesses have the right to shove their "enterprise" freely down our throats, especially those with "financial instruments." Don'tcha love that term? I mean, what else would those greed-mongers use to operate on our skulls with, anyway? And don't even PRETEND they're sterile, except insofar as the wielders of these "instruments" are sterile to any fallout or "reform."

Folks, here's the truth - we have been getting screwed over by the insurance (read: protection rackets) companies, the banks, the credit card industry, the credit ratings firms, and all their little "ilk" for so long we can't even tell when they change positions, and keep on screwing us as though it were a walk in the park, and we had to do it on the grass. And as long as we keep playing their game THEIR way, you betcha we better make a big investment in lube, just to save our own behinds.

Oh, you think bitching and moaning, electing some other bozito, marching in the streets, petitions, and the like will make a difference? Sad little people. What will it take to shake their tree? Shouting, from whichever side, will do exactly nothing. No, what is necessary, is action. I'm not talking revolution here - that's just a way for another faction to be lining their pockets with the fat cats slut money. No - what we CAN do, is change our own habits as firmly and as aggressively as we can.

Here are just a few ideas:

Take all your money out of your bank, and put it into a credit union. Different rules, not focused on greed, and still insured by FDIC (which of course doesn't mean THAT much these days, but still...) Then, pay off those credit cards as fast as you can, then cut them up, send them back, tell them to go screw themselves. Credit unions offer checking, debit cards, and the like, at much better rates, anyway. Stop buying big-ticket items for one year. Stop buying ANYTHING you don't truly need. Come on - you don't need THREE lattes a day, Cindy, make do with one fewer of everything. Care about the environment? Sorry, public transportation pollutes as much as cars, and don't even go where you want to go. So, walk when you can, bike when you can, and buy gas at those discount station for cash only.

The point of all this is to firmly remind the banks, the insurance companies, the brokers, and those other pirates on Walled-In Street where their REAL money comes from. A month of any combination of three of the above by 50% of the population will get their attention. Two months will "cause consternation." Three months will get those Shills on the Hill to start speechifying. And six months? At six months, you can bet your little pea-pickin' heart there will indeed be panic - on Walled-In Street, across the banking sector, and in the Halls of Congress (TM), and then watch things start to change.

See, what these pirates and highway robbers have done is to con nearly all of us into believing "this is just the price of living in a free society." Well, I'm telling you it ain't. It's nothing more than a self-serving (serving themselves, that is) lie. And every four years, we participate in a great con that has us, yep, you and me, bucko, keeping the lock secure on that Grand Lie. "OH, let's elect Joe, he promised us Heaven," and "OH, he will change everything, all by his little old self." ('Scuze me, gotta gag - there, better now.) Repugnicant, Democrass, and the big laugher, "Independent" be damned - the minute they are "bought" by us the voter/taxpayer/sucker, they're sold to the highest, and sometimes the lesser highest, bidder. And that, Cindy, is how they "do the people's biddnest."

So excuse me if I ain't all in a huff about the so-called "health care" debate, 'cuz believe me, suckers, it isn't anything at all like a debate.

It's just haggling over the spoils. As usual.


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