Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Insurance Reform is What We Need - When do We Want It? Never, Apparently

Oh, hell. Just shoot the poor beast and put it out of its misery, for decency's sake. This entire laugh riot taking over anything remotely resembling a soul of the Congress of the United Corporations is beyond the pale. Which of course is one of the primary symptoms (as any decent nurse's aide can tell you,) of politicalis sypholoccocus. And yes, Virginia, you CAN catch it from any direct trust of aforesaid institution. And pretty much the entire bunch, both sides of the "aisle" are doing their best to spread the infection. And you are still worried about H1N1?

And Prez? Where did he go for such a long vacation? If he cannot step up to the plate and use the bully pulpit (as opposed to the Repugnicants using it on him,) well, lets just find some way to console ourselves at being allowed to get fooled again (Oh Pete Townsend, where are ye when we need ye?) Guys turning out to be an empty suit - all smoke and mirrors, fully compromised. Step up to the plate, dude! You got a freakin' MANDATE, fer cri-yi! You get elected in an historic election, hold out that "hope" crap, and everyone is eating out of your hand. You go all "bi" on us, which sure does sound grand, don't it? But after these Repugnicant slime-balls spit on every overture, you just keep laying down askin' fer more of the same abuse. What kind of drug they put in yer tap water over there, anyway?

Look, this thing is easy-peazy, ya dig? Just go to LittleSis and listen to what she's tellin' us all: there ain't more than a small handful of so-called "people's representatives" with an ounce of integrity. Seems it doesn't take as much as you might think to buy the politicians you need to get things your way, every damn time. You think the Demoncrats are fightin' the good fight? Well, I recommend Imodium (TM) today and every day till the end of time, or you are gonna ruin many a pair o' undies, let me tell you! And THAT is just the Demoncrats!

As for the so-called health care bill? Just another insurance plan for the insurance and pharma companies.

But then, deep in your heart of hearts - you already knew that, didn't you?

So. What are you going to do about it?

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