Friday, December 4, 2009

Time to Put Away The Toys: The Failure of the Left/Right World View

Eventually, everyone needs to grow up. This hairy bi-ped species has now evolved to the point where, if maturity does not soon take hold, it will simply go the way of the Dodo, except at it's own hand. Logic, that newcomer to the species' arsenal of options, struggles to gain a foothold in the collective conscience, but the current outlook for its success is dubious, at best. When the shrill voice of -isms drowns out the logic of the situation, you know its time to duck and cover.

Here we are, early 21st century, and we still can't seem to wake up and smell the coffee. Case in point: the President's strategy for Afghanistan, and the utterly insane partisan babble that has followed. Both the Far Wrong, and the Too Righteous have shown they are utterly incompetent when it comes to looking at the logic as it presents itself, but instead only want to scream about the way they want it to be. The Far Wrong, oh so predictably, scream about Obama "giving comfort to the enemy by declaring a date to retreat." And the Too Righteous rant and roll about "oh, he isn't the President we thought we elected." Man, is this getting tedious.

First, let us review actual history. The Taliban, (look here for actual details about these perverted sickos) those swarthy little Hitlers of the desert and mountains, have clearly demonstrated to the world they wish to create, by how they respond to the world they want to destroy. What part of "world caliphate" and "suicide bomber" are you folks on the Too Righteous band of the scream-waves having trouble getting? The last time the world saw a band of brown shirts like these insane brown turbans was in the 1930's, and look what happened then. Every time some utter nut job manages to get some foothold in the minds of the weak and frightened (think Glenny Beck here, folks,) we gotta go the whole nine yards to get rid of. Does anyone on the so-called progressive wing really believe that, by pulling US troops out of that Allah-forsaken country, those same zombie bloodsuckers will change their ways? They will suddenly stop mutilating women, preventing them from having anything even remotely resembling "equal righst," (a laughable concept in such a nation,) and allow young girls to get an education? Do you actually believe, really, that thieves will no longer get their hands or heads cut off in public arenas while the populace is forced to watch? Do you REALLY believe, for a single rats-ass instance, these ifrits have changed their ways? Really? Wow. How progressive, to allow that band of insanity to return and set up shop once more. Well, that would be on YOUR head, not mine.

And you looney tunes on the Far Wrong - you spend the last year spewing on anything and everything Obama and Democrats, slide off the deep end with saying things like "the health care plan is the worst disaster to hit America in all it's history," and now we should listen to you spew some more on Obama AFTER he essentially does what you were screaming at him to do? Don't make me laugh. You really want endless war, you really want the banks and insurance companies, you really WANT the hate-jocks to run the show. Is that because you just cannot summon the energy to actually THINK about what is best for you, or because you're too damn lazy to get off your butts and actually participate in a Constitutional democracy? Yeah, thought so. Listen, bozitos. The Prez, by setting a date for not withdrawal from the battle, as you jerks keep trying to frame it, but troops from the ground, dependent on the situation on the ground determined at that time. Let's face it - all you guys really want is to yell and scream because your girl, She-Rah, didn't win the beauty contest last year.

Look, this is really simple: we pull out now, you can rest assured Pakistan will fall within 5-8 years, max. And, uh, in case you haven't been paying any real attention to the state of reality for the past twenty or so years (which I strongly suspect on both edges of the tippy plate) Pakistan has nukes. Get it? Pakistan has nukes. How many times do I have to say it? These are people, sorry, ifrits, who are willing to blow themselves up, and take you and yours with them. They convince their followers to do this with an array of sick rationale, but one in particular - you only die once, and the pain is over quickly, really stands out. Do you think they care how big the bomb is? Oh, yes, they really do. Because the bigger the bomb is, .....wait for it, ........ the more of their enemies (read - everyone not like them) they get to kill. Which for you slow learners out there, is what nukes do, really well.

Look, Notumbus Bumbus has been antiwar since the early Vietnam debacle. He has marched, protested, signed petitions, even burned his draft card. He was in protests against the first Gulf war, and against old Bushito's latest attempt to defend his Daddy's honor. But Afghanistan? No. That is where the assault on our Nation was launched, that is where Osama bin Asshole is and was, and that is where we have to stop him. You jerks on the Far Wrong -perpetual war will only bankrupt the nation financially, morally, and in our place at the World Table. And you sad little Too Righteous have forgotten the lessons of history, and can only see one idea.

So I no longer consider myself a "progressive," nor a Democrat, and certainly NEVER a Repugnicant. I consider myself a citizen of logic. And I just KNOW there are many others like me out there.

Expect to hear from them more in the coming days.


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