Friday, December 18, 2009

How Dare You Call Us Racist, We Accept All White Peoples!

So this is what its come to, eh? As my Cannuck friends would say. Pile up a load onto the back of a black man, then vilify him when he doesn't "perform" to your liking (and crowing, behind closed doors, that you KNEW "that one" wouldn't be able to "handle" the pressure.) And even when you find a black man (who isn't really black - he's cafe au lait) who you "admire" for his accomplishments, as soon as he shows he is human like the rest of us, (well, I'm not so sure about that guy over there) you line up to push him over the edge. Even when he did the same thing a white politician did (who gets a little slap on the wrist,) you stomp on the fella with so much glee its actually more disturbing than his behavior.

This is a field day for all the hypocrite racists out there (remember the song, "Smiling Faces Sometimes," recorded first by The Temptations, and then by The Undisputed Truth?) They can spin the story any way they choose, then act all "upset" when they are called on the true nature of their behavior. "We are outraged, having these people call US racists. We demand an apology!!!" Right. An apology? From people who your ilk have been happy to s**t on for several hundred years? Good luck on that, Jack.

Ya see, nothing changes. Assholes are still assholes, greedy bastards are still greedy bastards, hypocrites are still hypocrites. Makes ya feel all gooey inside, don't it?

And what does everyone else do? They freakin' backpedal!!! Come on, people! Grow a backbone! The jerkwads in the media go apeshit over every thing the bozitos scream about, and then get all defensive when called on their own complicity! Give me a freakin' break!

Here's a little piece of truth about the media, folks. Most of the time, OK, nearly ALL of the time, the media considers the word "objectivity", and the phrase "corroborate the story" as laugh lines to most of the jokes they tell down at the pub. The on-going game of denying any responsibility for what "the people" do with what the media reports is truly disgusting.. But what the hell - it IS the American way.

To paraphrase another black man, "Why can't we just leave Tiger alone?"

Oh, you thought I was talking about someone else? Well, whatever you want.

Don't let me stand in the way of the truth.

There's plenty of people doing THAT just fine.

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