Monday, December 28, 2009

Its Nearly 2010 - Run!!!

Technically speaking, the world "ends" whenever someone dies - at least for them, it does. But otherwise, this entire notion of "the end times" is nothing more than a fear plot by the fear mongers, same as it ever was, as my good friend D. Byrne once said. Trouble is, P. T. Barnum had it right - there IS a sucker born every minute. There are also far too many fear hucksters for the food chain to support. And ain't it grand how the Good Old US of A seems to keep conning itself into this weird belief that such lies and the "right" to believe in same are just part of the "freedoms we enjoy, here in the Good Old, etc." And, I might add, ad nauseum.

Yet, its really not any different from the lies told and ritualistically believed in by other cultures, whether the lies be of a religious, political, or cultural bent? From the insane schisms of Islam, to the equally insane endless revenge cycles in Ireland, Afghanistan, Rawanda, or wherever, the operative term is always "insane." And those among such populations who do not support these beliefs are victimized by them anyway. In fact, if one decides to not take sides, one or both "sides" will make that decision for these recalcitrant non-believers. You know, like the tea baggers.

Case in point: those Ultra-Wrong Religious Nut Jobs on the Far Wrong Fringe, are all teed off about a group of atheists who had the effrontery to get a permit to post their own sign inside the Illinois Legislature, along side a nativity scene, an evergreen tree with decorations, and (a few days earlier) a menorah. Seems this really pissed off the state Comptroller, apparently a self-avowed Far Wronger, who tried to remove the sign, but was prevented by the capital police from doing so, and promptly escorted from the building.

"William J. Kelly calls the sign, placed by the Freedom from Religion Foundation, "hate speech," saying it mocks the views of believers, reported. He announced Tuesday he was going to try to remove it and made his attempt Wednesday, only to be detained by police.

"I don't think the State of Illinois has any business denigrating or mocking any religion, and I think that's what the verbiage on the sign was doing," Kelly said." (I might add - nor any business in the promotion thereof.)

"The group's message reads: "At the time of the winter solstice, let reason prevail. There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is just myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds."

So - it looks like Kelly here believes its OK to mock and deny access to everyone else's point of view, but state that point of view in his place of work (state, NOT church) and off he goes!!

Looks like what Kelly does NOT believe in is peace on Earth, goodwill toward man.

Which pretty much sums up the entire problem, eh?

Peace out,

Notumbus Bumbus

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  1. Seems to me the problem with the sign is that it was the only display that mocks other religions. Imagine if the menorah was accompanied by a sign that read "Islam hardens hearts and enslaves minds" or if the nativity scene had a sign that read "Buddhism hardens hearts and enslaves minds."

    Although people have a first ammendment right to say those things, that right does not extend to displaying such remarks in goverment buildings.


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