Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hume Fumes That Woods Headed to Tombs, Bombs Completely

Brit Hume, you are a seriously sick salamander - slimy and cold to the touch, with a brain that has spent waaaaaaayyyyyy too much time under a rock. Just where do you get off insinuating your religion is better than anyone else's? Sure, you work for FOXY NotNews, and sure, you have a big head, and, well sure, you THINK you are a jihadournalist, but we all know what you really are - a dick-head. The only good thing you've done to date is to make once and for all clear that the Far Wrongoids you spew for are in fact engaged in a Crusade - for the heartless and mindless.

I know many Buddhists who, on their worst day, have more integrity in their stool samples than you and that little Party of God you spew with has in their entire medulla oblongatas. As for your "brand" of Christianity, lets get something clear right now - you are shilling for the Brand, not the supposed message that supposedly "informs" it, as it is quite clear you and your moose ilk could give a royal crap about said message. All you really care about is marching to the Armageddon you all so fervently desire. Please, then, have your own personal barbecue, and let the rest of us alone and in peace.

Alas, that is unlikely to happen. This is due to the fact that you Far Wrongoids are so full of yourself (along with seriously huge quantities of elephant dung) that you are oblivious to the desires of everyone else at the party who wish you would just hurry up and pass out so they can resume their civilized conversation.

Oh, have I gone and gone too far? Boo-hoo, shame on me. I have no right at all to be angry at people who have appointed themselves my and everyone else's "better" in this life. Yea and verily I say unto you, do as I say, and not as I do. When am I going to get that into my thick skull?


Here's the facts as I see them (jeeze, ain't that implied by its bein' me whats sayin' it?) Each of us is born by accident. That is, we don't choose the parents, the country, the environment, etc., etc. We just show up, and all the crap is already in progress, and being shoved down our throats before we even know its not all food thats being shoved. And by the time we figure that out, we've either succumbed to the crapola, and joined in the shoveling, or we've begun the arduous process of trying to shovel our way out, and into a better vision of life-as-it-might-be. Course, then the crap shovelers tell us we are "living in a fantasy land." Or some other such crap (they get all this stuff at the same store, ya see, and that's why it all looks and smells the same. No imagination, these crap shovelers.)

So we dig, and dig, and one day see that things like religion, political beliefs, and most social concepts are really nothing more than belief systems some people have developed and been successful at selling to others to enable themselves to control their own way through this life. And among all of these belief systems, one finally emerges that tells us, Hey, all this crap is just an illusion, something we have slapped together in the belief any one of these things will shield us from the dark, from the bad people, from hunger and want, etc. Oh, and by the way, it is the very illusory beliefs we hold onto and promulgate that cause nearly all the suffering humans experience. And that INCLUDES deifying the cat what founded this idea.

Which, in the face of all the hatred spewed for millennia by other religions and belief systems, is a real breath of fresh air. Because, now listen up, kids, it DOES NOT claim to be a religion, it DOES NOT claim to be "the way," and it DOES NOT try to proselytize, to shove the crap down anyone's throat. Wow. What a concept.

And we still have to tolerate the likes of Inhuman Hume trying to sell the idea that Tiger should renounce his "religion," which is in fact NOT a religion, and join up with the Pod People on the Far Wrong, and then "all will be forgiven." There is a long tradition in so-called Christianity that warns of hubris, of elevating one's self above the "gods." Seems Hume is tempting fate within his own belief system, if'n ya asks me, boyo!

One more thing before I get off my high horse and walk again through the crap we all must walk through - who the hell gave Hume, and his sorry ilk, the right to tell ANYBODY they will be "forgiven"? Which, by clear extension, means they believe they also have the right to judge. I seem to remember something the cat they claim was the founder of their cult reportedly said. Something to the effect of, "judge not, lest ye be judged."

OOh, Brit. You are in suuuucchhhh trouble!

As for Tiger - admit it, Hume - yer just jealous. He's got waaayyy more wood than you ever will, baby!


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