Sunday, January 10, 2010

Daredevil Dems Dumb Down Derring-Do, Drop Dumbell on Own Feet. Duh!

Today's object of ire - Demoncrats. These folks are the world champeen of smackin' theyselves up aside they own heads, and then looking surprised with one of those "where the hell did THAT come from" looks on their duplicitous little faces. Here they have themselves a nice majority, not a big one, mind you, but still, they have victory in their grasp. So what do they do? Exactly what they ALWAYS do - they make another grand snatch at defeat. Seems no matter what lands on their doorstep, they just HAVE to trip over it.

Case in point - health care reform, er, sorry, insurance welfare. Lets see - the Repugnants keep slamming the car door on their silly little fingers, and what do these jokers do? They keep sticking them back in the same door. I dunno, maybe they have some kind of  S &amp M thing going here, who knows. Keep their coalition together to see this ugly puppy through to the finish line? Nah. Keep at least SOME of their promises to the folks what brung 'em to the dance so  they have a reasonable shot at going to the summer cotillion in 2010? Nah. Take the offensive against all the Far Wrong drivel and vitriol, lies and fear talk, so maybe they can show these baloney babies up for what they REALLY are? Hell, no!

Yeah, seems the Democruds just have some deep and abiding need to lose, again and again and again. See, wheelin' and dealin' and dickerin' over the niceties of horsetrading is all well and good. Unless, of course, your opening bid is to flop over on your back and ask the other side to please kick you, hard, and of course they can have what they want. Just how the hell do they expect to get any respect at all, whether from their opponents, or from their constituents? I guess a hundred swats on the fanny from a ping-pong paddle makes them feel like theys representin', or something.

Look, at this point, this so-called health-care reform is shaping up to be nothing more than a lock-down sure thing for the insurance companies, an option I swore was going to be the doing of the Repugnicans, given their long, languid sleaze dance with the Big Corporate Masters they've been sucking at the teats of for decades now. So I have to admit, this one took Notumbus completely by surprise. Seems the shill is on the other foot, now.

And just take a look at their bedfellows - Move On, etc. Urging Obama supporters to give the Prez his "victory" without once applying basic skeptical analysis to the language being foisted on the unwashed masses. Hell, it all but tells us they aim to give the insurance company's carte blanche over the entire country, with fewer safeguards than we have NOW! Why is this so hard to follow for these bozitos? Are they going on the simplistic notion that if Obama says it must be done now, then it must be "all good"? Or are they convinced of their own "specialness" for being on the "righteous" side of history? Well, that often IS the rationale of the Left Overs.

People, here's a little item you might want to mull over the next time you are stuck on the toilet for a while. Do you REALLY think, for even one minute, that the Repugnicans and the Demoncrats, by whatever standard you care to apply, are thinking they are helping YOU and ME with this serious boondoggle? Do you really think they will actually "rein in" those greedy bastards in the insurance (protection rackets) industry? You do??!!

I guess those sugar pills work just as well as the real thing,eh?

Where the hell is my Scotch?

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