Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Wee Vacation, Really, That's All It Was

No, no, no - there is no truth to the rumors circulating all over the Web-o-sphere that Notumbus Bumbus was abducted by aliens loyal to She-Rah Pail-In and whisked off to a tea party for Repugnican wife beaters. He was actually taken to a tea party for the Moose Queen herself, but he managed to escape before Her Big Speech. I mean, who wants to be subject to that form of torture!

Actually, he just went on his first vacation in ten years, only to be washed out by the storm of the century still in progress along the entire Western Edge of Civilization. Can you say "power outages?" Can you say "but I thought YOU brought the inflatable?" Needless to say, (so I won't) it was a complete wash-out. Couldn't find a latte joint to save my wife, er, life. Heh.

And while I'm gone, all hell breaks loose. Wouldn't ya know it? The complete collapse of an entire infrastructure, lives lost, money down the drain, images of horror seared into our eyeballs, pundits gone beyond their usual bonkers states, and feelings of hopeless helplessness. I mean, how the HELL could those Demoncrats EVER think Coakley had the ability to win? And THEN, there was the on-going tragedy that is Haiti.

Before the world could barely react, the Far Wrong's Postal Boy, Limbugger, was already spewing on all things humanitarian directed at those "poor black folk" to the South of Amuricah. This Total Dickwad told the world how using the links,  LINKS, dammit, to organizations such as the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders, posted on the White House web site, was to be giving your money to Obama. Which, as we all know, is merely code for "black folks everywhere." Now, we know Limpburger is a racist asshole, so its not really THAT surprising. But we also know there are literally 1.5 million people (yes, despite Limpdicker's spewing, they ARE people,) completely homeless, without food, water, shelter etc., and despite what the Far Wrongoids fervently believe, that THEY are the Elect and Chosen, and therefor exempt from intelligence and common humanity, and superior to all other life forms, especially those of inferior colors, these PEOPLE deserve a little "Christian" charity. And when these Far Wrongoids rant about their "Christian" superiority and favor in the "Eyes of the Lord," I just gotta puke.

These are the same jokers who patted themselves on the back over that "Good job, Brownie" jerkwad in regards to Katrina, and the African American citizens of New Orleans who got "left behind." And how it was all, "God's punishment" for the City's "sinful ways." I think its well past time for these evil Evangelical ass-wipes to actually READ the so-called "good book" they claim to get their superiority and validation from. But then, they would have to face the harsh facts that it is in fact themselves who need "saving" from their own vomit covered hearts.

Oh, boo-hoo! Is that, once again, too over-the-top for you? Tough nuts! The Far Wrong appears bent on destroying the democratic ideals of this country just to get their own way, and piss on anyone who tries to say there might be something repugnant about the Repugnicants. Well there is,and I will keep saying so until there emerges from the Far Wrong's swamp of nastiness and actually remembers what "conservative" actually means, and has the spine to stand up to these teabaggers and fever-brained spewers of hate and act in the best interests of democracy, instead of bowing and scraping to the nut-jobs claiming the mantle of their "party." (more like a Yale fraternity kegger on steroids, if you ask me, and yeah, you didn't, but there it is.)

As for Haiti, here are the same links found on the White House web site, so I can get the money (right.)


Now, really. Does that look like you are giving money to Obama?  If it does, then I suggest you will be happy with the CURRENT quality of Amurican health care. Good luck with that, bozito!

As for me, I gave what I could to Oxfam, who have been doing the good work out there in countless countries around the world for decades. And never ONCE asked what color anyone was. They just get clean water to the thirsty. More of those "liberal elites," for sure. You think Limbwhacker would give so much as a CUP of water to a thirsty person of color? Boy, do I have a Bridge to Nowhere for you!

Dig deep, and give.You gots lots, so give lots. (Did YOU eat today? Do you have a roof over your head? See?You gots lots!)

Who knows - one day, it might be YOUR ass in a sling - hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, financial meltdowns, what have you, and then, wouldn't you like to know the difference between generosity, and Rush Limpbarfer?


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