Saturday, February 20, 2010

Where I Come From, Farmers Shoot The Damn Crows!

There is a special place in hell and literature for those who spit nasty at others and then complain and weep and moan when they get a little back. Self-inflation and its inevitable consequences have all the allure of a train wreck, without any of the redeeming features, such as the opportunity for heroism. When you go and stick your face into the blades of whirling public scrutiny, don't be surprised when you get turned to pulp.

It seems the Queen of the Moose, She-Rah, went and done another dumb-ass mouth-flappin'. And this time it was over a cartoon character! Well, wouldn't ya know it? Seems she was all gefiltefishy over the character of a young girl/teenager (who can tell with cartoons characters? No, really - who can tell?) who had Down's syndrome. I mean, what temerity!! to dare make fun of someone who is different? And this despite defending Rushy-pants Limpburgher's comments about "retards" after railing against a slip-o-the-lip from that Jewish guy at the Mixed-race House over there in the D.C. Yep. She gave Fatty Tarbuckle's a pass!! Go figure.

Anyhoo, here's the pickle part of the deal. Seems the young woman who actually voiced the cartoonish character on The Family Guy, herself, well, has Down's Syndrome. Hmm. Seems she makes a living as an actor and voice-over person. So, self-employed? Sounds free enterprise, don't she? And has a sense of humor, right? Sounds kinda normal-ish to me.

But as far as She-Rah goes, she'd just as soon carry her little Trig under her arm like a loaf of Frenchy bread (not my words, folks) while simultaneously asking us all to condemn someone making a living and excersizing her First Amendment right to free speech and all that ACLU-y stuff, as long as she can milk it for her own ends. But we shouldn't be surprised, should we?

Pride, as the old saw has it, goeth before a fall. But it doesn't tell you what you are going to land on when you do. Could be pillows (unlikely) or could be pitchforks, ya never can tell.

Remember them pesky old Greeks, founders of democracy and all that uncomfortable stuff? Well, they had a word for these red-faced baboons on the Far Wrong right about now.


The gods have a little issue with that. And if you've been paying any attention to the history of the last, oh, I don't know, 4000 years of history, then you should have a pretty decent idea of what they like to do to folks what displays that particular vice, eh?

I'm going for the plague of locusts, myself.


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