Thursday, October 1, 2009

You Lie! No, YOU Do! Nuh-uh, You Do!

Sad. Just sad. Those poor GOPhers get dissed by the Demon-crats by having one of their own rebuked for shouting out the "L" word during a speech by the Prez, calling the measure "partisan." uh...duh? So now they demand the Demon-crats rebuke one of THEIR own for daring to call out the Retreads on their roadblocking any reasonable health scare bill by telling fellow Members (funny word, eh? Considering what it is also often used for?) the GOPher plan is to 1. tell people to "not get sick," and 2. if they do get sick, "please die quickly." Now, Congressman Grayson, or "Robin" to those who know about his secret life, was simply saying that the constant nay-saying by the GOPhers can only mean one thing - they don't want anyone to get sick. And what's wrong with that, I ask you?

I'll tell you. (You saw that coming, didn't you?) There is a saying that is as old as dirt - you can't have it both ways. And yet, the GOPher's DO want it both ways (They're bi-coastal, ya know?) They want their own gold-plated "government run" health plan, with all the bells, whistles and face lifts, while making sure their "constituents" (insurance, pharma, etc.) continue to get THEIR gold-plated, government supported and approved monopolies (which, if you think about it ((and I know you can)) IS a government-sponsored health care system, working day and night to keep those particular constitutents healthy and fat,) and that will also continue to fund the re-election joy-ride. So how can they be faulted for representing their constituents?

I'm tellin'ya, those Demon-crats need to show some respect!

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