Monday, October 5, 2009

In The News - Ya Can't Make This Stuff Up, Kids!

Headline from U.S. News & World Report -

Autism May Be More Common Than Thought

Which explains Rush Limbaugh.

From BBC News:

Gas mask bra traps Ig Nobel prize

See what happens when you cut funding for basic research?


There is some truth in ‘Paranormal Activity’ 

Well, that explains Glen Beck, eh?

From YahooTech:

Anti-Wi-Fi paint keeps your wireless signal to yourself

So who needs clothes? Now, if they could just come up with something that would cause those Wrong Winger parrots to keep their volume at reading room levels.

From Reuters:

Pakistan's Taliban chief alive, meets reporters

Promises an exclusive to the same reporters when he's dead, Will fill them in on the virgin situation.

Like I said, ya can't make this s**t up. 




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