Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Smile When You Say That, Hombre! And Then Gift-Wrap The Damn Thing!

Oh, those poor, poor Repubs, so afraid for their tiny selves. Once again, we have a case of the Potty Mouths calling the O'Kettle black, er, whatever. Lamar, or "Hedy" as he likes to be called, is today quoted in Reuters as telling The Big O to "not make an enemies list." Well, sheesh, little fella, how the hayseed is he ever gonna know who NOT to shoot? Times are dicey out here on the Far Wrong Range, dontcha know?

OK, lets do the drill. "Alexander cited as examples the Obama administration's suggestion that it may support stripping the insurance industry of its exemption of federal anti-trust laws, its clash with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the president saying he will call out people who oppose him and boycott Fox News network."

Number One, Hedy, can you Puhleaze! explain why the protection rackets, er, the insurance industry should even BE exempt from anti-trust laws in the first place? Hell, I'M not! Who the hell are they to get such special treatment? Oh. Right. The lap you sit on. Sorry, my bad.

And "it's clash with the U.S. Chamber-pot of Congress?" First of all, that so-called organization is NOT a public organization, its a private club who lobbies to shove things down the little guy's throats so the Big Buggers keep rakin' it in. EVERYBODY knows that. Second, last I saw, it was other BUSINESSES who were shamin' the 'ol Chamber. Third, Hedy, you don't mind if I call you Hedy, do you? You ever HEAR anyone from the Ad-Min say anything about girl-cotting those Chamber Beotches? Sounds like ya'll want to generate another one o' those fake controversies ya'll seem to like. Come on, time for a new game plan, eh?

He's gonna "call out people who oppose him?" Really? You mean, he's going to make them actually explain their positions? He's going to hold their BS up to the light of day? You think THAT amounts to an "enemies list?" Wow. Ya really HAVE been hittin' that koolaid a bit hard lately, haven't you? Hedy, listen closely - its called the "bully pulpit", ya see? And EVERY president uses it when they have to to get THE WORK OF THE PEOPLE done, ya dig? That's OK, take yer time. It'll get through sooner or later. I'll wait.

As for boycottin' FOXY? Riiiiiiiggghhhttttt! Since they keep braggin' about how everything negative said about them just seems to increase the number of yahoos who tune in to their clap-trap vermin urination station, what's got their panties in such a bunch? Isn't that what Rupert Baby really dreams about every night while falling asleep holding his "personal" digital assistant? (Ya know, it occurs to me I may have read your words incorrectly, Hedy. It almost looks like you are saying he's gonna "call out people who oppose HIM, AND boycott Fox." Is that right? Now why in the world would he call up people who oppose HIM, and tell THEM to boycott FOXY? Seems like he might actually want YOU-ALL to do that boycottin' thing, don't it? Is that what you mean? Cuz if it is, I cannot understand a word you are saying. Just messes with my central synapse somethin' fierce.)

Besides. We don't need no stinkin' "enemies list" to know who we are sick of hearing spout pure vile drool day in and day out. We have figured out for ourselves that FOXY is clearly NOT about news, or reporting, being as they are so unfair and unhinged. And just plain nuts.

And you, Hedy. Whasamattayou? Shillin' fer yer groupies? Takin' a bullet for the Team? Seems you, like WAAAAAYY too many of your ilk (god, I've wanted to use that word all week!) spend more time tryin' to protect the "interests" of your corporate "constituents" than the actual people who voted for you. I guess that's because those corporate "citizens" pay better, eh?

Anyway. I think ya'll have yer OWN enemies list, dontcha? And I don't think I'd be too far off the mark by guessing your Numero Uno Enemy is, in fact, The Big O. Come on, you can tell me. I promise to keep it right here between our collective selves, OK? Given as how both you Retreads AND your yapping pit bull FOXY can't seem to find ANYTHING to say yes to, or even make an attempt to find common ground with anyone else in America, I really don't think you guys have cause for complaints about someone else thinkin' maybe its you-all who are the Real Problem here.

Oh, and Hedly? I CAN tell you about someone who DOES have a list. And I am pretty damn sure that this year, he's gonna be checking it MORE than twice.


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