Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday's Elections and the Republican Agenda

Ooh, little Karly Rove is doing that pundit thingy again. He's tellin' it like it ain't, that's for sure, Binky. Its actually kinda cute, watching all these Far Wrong bloviators grasping at straws the way they do. Its like they just can't get over the fact they got royally spanked for being the ones who actually created the current shitstorm that is the landscape of Amurica today.

I mean, just because there's a "likelihood" a couple of Retreads will beat a couple of Deadoacrats does not a "wave" make, Karly. I mean, geez! I thought you knew a little bit of math, at least. Governorships and judicial seats are NOT Congressional seats, even if they all do have the big asses in common. And given the
New Face" of the Retreadican Party these days (you know, "obstruct, deny, lie, and swindle") it wouldn't really make any difference. Ya'll WANT gridlock, yer gonna GET gridlock. Being stuck in an ideological black hole does not make what you Far Wrongers hope to shove further down the throats of America a valid nor viable form of governance. It just makes you what we all already know you are - haters, not players.

By the way, help me out on this, Karly. I thought all you neo-con-jobs thought "government is the problem." Well shouldn't that make it obvious what track ya'll oughta be taking? I mean, all ya gotta do is say "No." If you stay out of government, it won't be anywhere NEAR as big, now, will it?

A little consistency would go a long way.


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