Friday, October 23, 2009

White Fang, Black Tooth Go Down For The Count, No One Alive Knows How To Do The Mouse

Oh, my. Today is indeed a sad day for all the kool kats and kittys out there, because the True King of Kool has gone on to that Great Pie Throw in the Sky. Soupy Sales has left the planet. If you were either too young to know him, or too square (and actually listened to your un-hip parents telling you how he and rock-and-roll would rot your brain and send you straight to hell, well, too bad and sad for you.)

White Fang and Black Tooth, along with the entire assortment of crazy characters and endless pie throwing made Soupy my very first hero. That his two sons later would be in a band with David Bowie only made him that much better for me. If he was on the air today, he'd be throwing pies at all the little Far Wrong pipsqueaks who pretend to be "informed", and probably sic White Fang on 'em, to boot.

So listen close, girls and boils. When your folks go to bed, get your mom's purse and your dad's wallet, (or both your mom's wallets, or both your dad's purses) and find all the green pictures of presidents (no, there won't be one of President Obama, yet) and send them all in to Soupy, and you might win a prize. (Ya sure as shootin' gonna piss off the folks, let me tell ya!)

Ah, well. I think I'll go and find a nice piece of pie.

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