Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PEACE Prize, Fool! Not Piece Prize!

I tell ya, there just ain't no satisfyin' these fools! The "O" Man gets a vote of confidence by the Scandinavian Sweet Hearts, and all these Far Wrong Bozitos think they just elected "O" Prime Minister of the World, or IKEA, whichever has the deeper pockets. So now, if "O" decides to lower troop levels in Far Outistan, these same Bozitos are gonna hurl their lunches at exactly noon on Arbor Day, or some such s**t.

Come on, you Egg Suckers! Get a life of your own. At least try to be a bit original. Ya'll keep comin' off like a broken mimeograph machine pumpin' out last year's school lunch menu from Au Gratin, Alaska or some such. Try attacking, oh, the insurance company's, who, for goddess' sake, are rippin' your sorry asses off same as ours. There, we have something in common. And if you just can't develop a modicum (sorry, I know its a BIG word - it means "just a wee little bit") of impulse control, remember your manners. Oh, sorry. You don't have any. OK, I won't do that again.

By the way, since yer so pissed off at the Prez for getting the Prize, tell us - what have YOU done lately to be more deserving? What have your leaders done? Come on, Rush! Blow-hard on that for a while, eh? Until you Far Wrong jokers actually DO something, as opposed to always tearing stuff down and pissing on your own country, ya'll can just take a slow train to Oslo or sumpin'. All your leaders ever get is the Piece Prize.

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