Friday, October 30, 2009

Scary People, wooooohhhh, You Know Whoooo You Are!

Karl Rove turned heads today when he appeared on Capital Hill wearing a spandex unitard and cape, with the words "I am a Liberal" emblazoned across his somewhat sunken chest. He was also, by some reports, wearing Birkenstocks. David Boehner was heard to shout, "God, not him, too!" and had to be carried out of the capital on stretcher. Other Republicans were reportedly weeping openly. Nancy Pelosi supposedly ran up to Rove and kissed the top of his head. Barbara Boxer also apparently gave Rove a case of California Chardonnay.

The Democrats decided to call a floor vote on the Health Care bill, and, due to the number of Republicans unable to regain their composure, the bill was passed with only three Nays and all the remaining Republicans were entered as abstentions.

President Obama declared tomorrow a National Holiday, to be celebrated around the cauldron of your choice.

America is indeed a great country!

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