Friday, October 16, 2009

Yeah, He Really Doesn't Have That Much On His Plate - Hand Him Another Snake

Eugene, Eugene. I have to tell you how much you are NOT "Post Partisan." That you are with the Post, unquestionable. But really. You are clearly NOT of The PostPartisan world you pretend to represent.

Like so many on the Far Wrong's Outpost's of Reality, you, too, have fallen into the mindless double un-think that passes for, well, intelligence? Let's review the tape, shall we?

1. The Prez has specific powers vis-a-vis Running The Country - he represents the Executive. BUT. He does NOT control the purse strings - that would be Congress, I believe.

2. Congress has descended into spittle-flecked babbling, is being roadblocked by insane ideology, and can't seem to find its way out of a paper bag with a GOP un.. - er - GPS unit.

3. The "O" Man inherited, how can I say this in polite company? Hmmm. A Shitstorm? Naw. Oh, I know - A Perfect Shitstorm! Yeah, that's the ticket! Not one, but two wars. Not one, but two nuclear-crazed fanatic nations trying to get on Who Wants To Be a Megalomaniac. Not one, but millions of economic mudslides burying the nation. Global warming, Chicken hawks on the one side, and progressive Dis-orders on the other. I could go on. And on. And - OK, I won't. (Come ON, Eugene - you know all this stuff. Ya just gotta remember to apply it.)

So, tell me Eugene. How would you handle the situation, hmmm? Remember those old Ed Sullivan shows? Where the Amazing Juggler from East Slobovia balanced spinning plates on big sticks? Think you could do that? With everyone watching you and judging every mistake as if you shouldn't be allowed among the living? Hmmm? No. No you couldn't, nor could most people on the planet.

The Big "O" was handed a sinking ship covered in the sewer of the neo-con job of the previous eight years, and everyone wants him to drop whatever he's doing, RIGHT NOW, and Get His Ass Over Here And Make Us All Feel Special.  Or we'll piss on his parade. So there. Nyah, nyah.

Ya know, normally, I think you have a rather level head. But lately, I think maybe your barber took a little too much off the top. Yer starting to resemble the flight deck on the Nimitz. Strange, for someone living so far inside the bubble.

New Orleans needs help, no doubt. So do the millions of people out of work, kicked out of their homes, and without anything resembling health care options. So, sorry, Big Easy, things are tough all around. "O's" gettin' to ya, as much as he can, as soon as he can. Ya wanna blame somebody, blame the decrepit neo-cons who left you low and wet in the first place. And got away without so much as a slap on the wrist.

So, Eugene, I ain't saying the "O" gets a free ride. All I'm sayin' is, go after the Real Stuff. You know, obscene corporate bonuses, Big Lobby payoffs to Congress (ever notice we don't call it what it most resembles - sexual congress? I mean, they're always screwing us, making us pay for it, and afterward, demand we let them do it again,  and we should let the Big Lobby watch. Sorry, I digress.) All the money paid by the Big Lobby just over the so-called health care debate could have built many levees, a new hospital, etc., down by the Big Muddy by now. So go after THOSE rat bastards.

Let the Big O get some work done, eh?

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