Thursday, October 15, 2009

Like That Hen-Clucking Song From Music Man

The Head Bozito of the Far Wrong, Karly Rove, just can't get enough of being a certified Nabob of Negativism. The Prez sneezes - Karly says it's a socialist plot. He says, more troops - Karly finds something else to pick on. He goes to New Orleans, and everybody throws a snit-fit (Did Bushy Boy go? Hell, no.) What next? The Senate Fiance Committed makes their move, and the hole Far Wrong blames anything about it on the "O"-man. These jerks are just no fun at all.

And Rushy? Hoo, boy. What a piece o'work. He spends years slamming everybody who isn't Him, and when someone at the White House points out what a fat-head his Rushiness is, why, he goes all "Oh, the Left is smearing me, oh, I must have them on the ropes," and like "oh, I'm not the leader of the Repugnant Party, I'm just their Nasty Boy." Kinda makes ya feel sorry for the Smeagol, don't it?

Well, I remember my Granny used to say, "what goes around, comes around." Thanks to all the mealy-mouthed rat chewers who spew for the Far Wrong, ya'll gittin' yours now, ain'tcha? And do you take it as a manly man? Hell, no! Ya'll get all "victim-y," dontcha?

Here's a lesson in Democracy, folks. "The People" are not what you say they are, they don't want what you say they want, they don't believe half the things you say, and they think the other half needs a lot of work. Ya wanna know what the People want? They want to be treated with respect, but mostly, they want Things To Work. And you Bozitos, spendin' all this time praying the "O" will fail, which is just another way of saying ya'll hope the country will fail, well, you don't have a clue on how to Make Things Work. Spending all this time trying to tear things apart just rips away that thin veneer of righteousness that cloaks your true failings - ya ain't got a clue (ya'll are makin' this stuff up as you go along, ain'tcha?). All ya want is to Rule, not to Govern.

Check it out in the dictionary, folks. There is a substantial difference between those two concepts. In a Democracy, we elect people to Govern. In a klepto-religio-plutocracy as we had for the last eight years, you stage a judicial coup with the intent to Rule.

Last I heard, we kicked King George out over that very difference. Then we kicked out the Other One last year. Ya'll sneak another one into the Big Tent, and sooner or later, We the People will kick that one out, too.


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