Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pelosi Chases Balloon Boy Across Taliban Stronghold. Rove "Very Upset"

Its time for another lesson in abject idiocy (as if there haven't been enough of THOSE lately.) When a hoax involving a flying saucer-shaped balloon, an invisible boy, a storm-chasing UFO groupie, and the Colorado police authorities is bigger news than the US of A locking up several dozen people captured in Afghanistan and playing Roddy Piper on their small, shaved heads for eight years while depriving them of any rights to say, legal representation and habeus corpus, things you and I take for granted (by the Constitution,) well, we are in serious, deep s**t. If you were one of the apparent millions who were both captivated by and disappointed to find out your tender sensibilities were spit on by gettin' yer sorry asses fooled again (as if you weren't fooled again by Bushie and His Boyz and ever really worried that maybe, just maybe, that was a sign of the impending apocalypse), gave two seconds of thought to the situation of these poor Uighar fellas whose only sin was bein' in the wrong place at the wrong time when Uncle Sam and his Kick-As Kiddies came stormin' in their front doors and did a "24" on their sad souls, well, tough. Boo-hoo for poor you.

Ya know what? I think ya'll deserve to lose the protections guaranteed by the Constitution until you swear off tabloid junk masquerading as "news." Its clear you can't think about anything but Judge Judy-Judy, and NASCAR, and the freakin' Fantasy Four. You-all clearly haven't earned the rights you bray about the Liberals takin' away from you, especially as you seem entirely too enthralled with taking rights away from anyone who disagrees with you about such important topics as worshiping invisible white guys.

At least I can SEE Mr. Clean. All you got is The Big Cheese-head with a microphone. That, and the voices in yer heads.

Just quit demanding we hear them, too.

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