Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lady Liberty Gone Missing. Friends Say She Was Tired of All The Lies, Heavy Book.

Listen up, whiners on the Far Wrong. Always complaining about them damn fereigners? Want to close the borders of the Good Ole Whatever this is now? Can't stop calling anyone who disagrees with you un-American? Well, let's take a look at how ya'll have managed to completely screw up the entire idea of America, from top to the sub-basement of Far Wrong failed ideologee, honey, we got screwed again!

This latest from the WaPo(st), about how we really screwed up the lives of truly innocent people in our zeal to persecute, er, prosecute the War Against Terror-or-or-or-orrr (bad echo in here), on the Uighars we kidnapped from Off-and-on-istan. We stole 'em, totuga'd 'em, and now, they a-lookin' fer a home, poor weevils. And we think we're the Greatest Nation Ever, or some such crap? No wonder ewe jerkoids on the Far and Distant Wrong can't get a leg up these days - everything youse says just contradicts everything ya'll purport to stand for.

Let's be honest, can we? Huh? Ya'll don't REALLY want The People to have freedom and rights, like that antique piece-'o-paper the Constitution says we do, do you? Naw. Ya'll REALLY want those things for YOU all, and want to see everyone else (colored folk, liberals, and Al Franken) to be shipped off-shore, who gives a s**t where. Cuz' yer the REAL 'Murihcans, ain'tcha? I mean, that wierd stuff written on the Lady Liberty (Just a big green meany from those pesky Frenchies, anyway) has got it completely wrong.

It really oughta read, "Give me you rich, huddled group thinkers, your wretchedly rich excuses for inhumanity, and keep all those other riff-raff off our shores." Problem is, it doesn't rhyme.

Come to think of it, neither do you-all.

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