Sunday, November 1, 2009

Free Enterprise, or, Robbing the Poor to Pay The Rich

I've been trying to grapple with the situation as it appears to have played out, but I admit I'm still a bit confused. We, the People, with our  and our grand-children's money, bailed out failing banks and financial institutions because we had to "save the economy." Then, those institutions we bailed out went and gave a lot of that money to their "top performers" as bonuses and goody bags. (By the way, if they were such "top performers," why did ya'll get into such deep doo in the first place? Ya''ll should actually be required to fire all them thievin rat bastards. I digress,)  Is that about right? Was there another step in there I missed? Because for the life of me, I cannot figure out why, if the Guvmint really wanted to "save the economy," it pretty much forgot all about those smaller institutions, namely, us. The credit card thieves, er, companies, are raising rates to waaay beyond realistic levels, because the Guvmint, in its infinite wisdom, passed legislation to "rein in" the credit card piggys, so those same piggys are "gettin' in while the gittin' is good." So somewhere in there, "us" is still gettin' screwed by "them." That about right?

Seems to me the only thing left to do is go after the Tooth Fairy money, and that will pretty well clean "us" out.

So I gots myself to thinkin', I did,and I got a real headache. Until this little notion flickered across my synapses. It seems to me we, er "us", have become slaves to one central lie - our "credit scores." Ooh, I can hear the elemental forces of rampant capital greed start to rumble. "Did we just hear a heretical thought?" A brief discussion with various "henchmen" ensues, I presume.

No, really, credit scores. Think about it for a minute. Our use of credit cards, as well as nearly everything else we do financially in this country,  is guided by our fear of the Big Bad Credit Score suddenly going "bad." We have had it essentially hammered into us, daily it seems, to "never do anything that will hurt your credit score." So don't be late with that payment to the extortionist, er, banks, and don't ever pay the whole thing off, or most importantly, DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, EVER, EVER, EVER CANCEL A CREDIT CARD. Because that will REALLY HURT your credit score.Hmm.

Now here's the funny thing - the credit score is really just a short leash. And ya gotta ask yourself - who is actually holding the other end? And THEN you gotta ask yourself, "who gave THOSE rat bastards the right to take us for a walk?"  Bet yer havin' trouble answering that question, ain't ya? Thought so.

I don't know about you folks out there, but I am beginning to smell a rat. One BIG FRICKIN" RAT.

What would happen, (purely speculatin' here,) if we all just stopped givin' a s**t about that nasty little beast? If suddenly, everybody just cut up first one, then a week later, another, and so on. Call the Evil Bastards and tell them to cancel the bloody damn things. Yeah, you still gotta pay it off, but here's the thing: they can't raise your rates again once its canceled. Sure, usury late fees, etc., that s**t still has us all by the neck. But. If even 20% of the card-carrying public did it. the shock waves would be incredible. Some of those criminals might even pee in their overpriced pants, eh?

Cuz' here's the thing: if you already are out of work, have lost your house, are starving on that generous unemployment insurance, then chances are, your credit score already sucks big time. But see, that's whats got ya'll worried sick, ya dig? Even down there at the bottom,"they" still got most of "us" by the short hairs. By keeping "us" all scared to death we will hurt our credit scores, them bastards just keep rakin' it in. If this (purely speculative) idea ever caught hold, maybe, just maybe, some of that dirty money that used to be ours might begin to "trickle down." At the least, it just might get our little weasels we call the Legislature to actually legislate "for the people." Instead of for their snake-oil donors.

So, think about it. Talk to your friends about it. Ask yourself this one little question: why does that thing scare me so much? The banks aren't gonna bail US out. You, Joe, yeah you! Your house, when it foreclosed, did the bank actually try to help you? Or was their "help" just window dressing? 'Cuz them greedy bastards OWN that house now, don't they? And what about you, Annie, that layoff? Got you feeling good about building up that ole' credit score? Nah, didn't think so.

Ya want to start something really big? 'Cuz right now, them bastards are definitely trickling down on us, as that rather acrid taste and aroma clearly indicates.

Tell your friends. Speculatively, of course.

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