Friday, November 13, 2009

It May Not Be Steven King Material, but It Is Carrie!

Carrie Prejean, we thought we hardly knew ye. You, sad, maligned, sex-tape making sweetheart, how dare everyone out there be so mean and malicious to you, who only said what she believed, then wrote a book to complain about it. Then went on Larry (Weird Al) King to complain about it again, and well, so on, and so on. Then word of a (solo act) sex tape surfaces, and Carrie has a new reason to complain that they are just persecuting her for her beliefs. OK, maybe.

Ahhhhh, no. Today we learn there was not one, was not two, was not three (ahem. get on with it) but EIGHT sex tapes in all. Only to be for personal "use" nudge, nudge, wink, wink. And stills, dozens! She actually had to HOLD STILL!!! Well, she was just trying to get noticed in a cutthroat business (nude modeling) to advance her potential (porn) movie career, someday, maybe, sort of. Oh, well.

And all those Far Wrongers who came (ahem) to her defense? Just were signing up for autographed copies, one supposes? Will they ever be able to get another pure and unsullied cover girl? Will Bill O'really ever grow a conscience? Will Pat Robertson ask to trade tapes? Will Church and State finally share a conjugal bed? Stay tuned!

There goes her certificate of virginity. Now who will the Far Wrong religulous turn to in their time of need? Just wait for the DVD.


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