Thursday, November 19, 2009

She Isn't Exactly Writing Her Way Out of a Paper Bag: What Ghost Do My Eyes Percieve?

She-Rah an author is not: the sad truth? She used a Ghost Writer (No, not Nick Cage! Jeeze!) Surprise! Oh, you say, but they ARE her ideas! Mmmm, yep, sure are! And, you say, she IS the New Voice of the Far Wrong. Mmmm, yep, sure is! Wonderful, ain't it? She-Rah will re-vitalize the floundering Conservative Movement, you say? Hell, yeah!

Like an enema.

Already the Far Wrong pundito-crats are spewing praise and rising to defend the Realm. CNN, through the True Red Coat Retreadican Maitlin, works up a real lather trying to equate She-Rah's publication with a political renaissance, only to spread more egg on the face of the Moose Queen. Mary, Mary, how contrary! You must know the term, faint praise? We KNOW she ain't no inteleckshual, but fer Cri-Yi, Mary, try to back a real winning moose, er, horse for a change, eh?

Look, babe, here's the sad facts: She's a quitter, she's a complainer, she sure as shoot's no campaigner, she's a loser, a real j'accuser, she's sure to disappoint when you explain her. She's all you want, nothing you need, everything everybody wants off their sleeve, She-Rah Pail-In, She-Rah Pail-In, lining up to lose the race a-gain! Don't protect her, you can't elect her, she's the Moose from Calaboose on the loose without a clue, she's the best thing to ever happen to the Dems!! (Sung to the tune of Mame, I think.)

What's the saying? Keep on flogging the horse after its dead. Won't get you to market any quicker.


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