Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Unpatriotic Rich

So here we are, in the midst of the Great Deception, with millions out of jobs, out of money, out of their homes, and there they are, the Far Wrong Retreads shrieking about the "worst thing to ever happen to this country" in the form of a public option for health care. (What? Worse thing ever? Wow. Pushed World Wars 1 and 2, Great Depression, San Francisco earthquake, Chicago fire, and, oh yeah, 9-11, right out of the Top Ten. Right. How Effin dumb do they think we are?) And over there we have those bankers and financial firm executed sluts, er, suits, who took billions in "bail" out money, and then jacked up the interest rates and penalty rates, and whatever the hell rates on you and me and Bobby McGee, and they, too, are screaming royal bloody s**t about having to "reign in their excesses," and "taking away the free market," and all other sorts of crapola, and, well, what the hell are we gonna do about these filthy, thievin', whack jobs making the rest of us permanent paupers? It that what you are pickin' up on your receiver, ducky? Thought so.

So along comes the IRS, just doin' their jobs, tryin' to find the deadbeat cheatin' slime balls being a real drag on the economic engine that is modern Amuricah, and even more gnashing of the teeth ensues. The Furtive Rich is all P.O'd about their secret Swiss bank accounts being "open to public view," or at least getting those nice little greeting cards from the IRS. Tough love hurts, its true.

But here's what is really rubbin' my inner thighs raw. Most of these thievin' rich SOB's are, yep, Retreads. Far Wrongers with a penchant for Swiss cheese. Who howl the loudest about all things Amurican. Who proclaim themselves as more patriotic than those pesky liberals, union members, abortion providers, and John Stewart. And who, for some slimy, slick, slithery, sick, greedy, elitest reason, think they are exempt from carrying their fair share of the load for this country.

Truth? These F**k-wads are the most unpatriotic jerks around. That includes those talk-show vomit mouths who daily excoriate all and sundry who haven't slipped as far over the edge of vitriol and insanity as they have. Lets get something straight here, fellow citizens - patriotism has everything to do with pitching in when the country is in trouble, and nothing at all to do with the prevalent Far Wrong ideology of "do what we say, and ignore what we do. Especially when we're fleecing you chumps blind."

During the Great War, Numero Duo, the Nation called upon ALL its citizens to pitch in, to work on the home-front as hard as the troops were fighting on the war front lines. And pretty much most of us did just that. Except for the War profiteers. Except then, when we were in some of our darkest hours, our Guvmint ACTUALLY WENT AFTER THESE BASTARD GREED-MONGERS AND PROSECUTED THEM, even seizing their ill-gotten gains in many instances. So now the IRS comes along, doing the work we, the People hired them to do, and who screams the loudest? The very same ilk, using some of these ill-gotten billions to lie, cheat, and steal, to brainwash the forgotten class into thinking this is a threat to THEIR lives, when nothing could be further from the truth.

I can't help but think of those words, uttered not that long ago, aimed at McCarthy and his minions: "Have you no shame? After all this, have you no sense of shame?"

Only when they get caught.

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