Friday, November 6, 2009

And Now For The Lunacy Landscape

A true tragedy yesterday, down in Fort Hood. This long and weary war has driven many mad, killed and wounded far too many, and along with the Far Wrong insanity, served to divide this country in ways it has not seen since the Civil (or, as I prefer to call it, Un-Civil) War. And the real nut jobs are just getting started.

Yes, the shooter was a Muslim. But Timothy McVeigh was a Christian. Did we hear of hate emails, death threats and other forms of sick insanity toward Christian places of worship, or self-identified Christians after that evil piece of work? Hell, no. But this morning, less than 24 hours after this latest ode to the intelligence of the NRA, there have been hundreds of threats against mosques and Muslims all across the country.

Was this a "terrorist plot?" According to the latest reports, in a word, no. It was the work of a lone gunman, once again. It was the work of an individual who had seen and treated hundreds of returning vets from Iraq and Afghanistan, who had seen and tried to deal with their severe post-traumatic stress disorder (a rather sterile euphemism for shell shock.) And he now faced deployment to the very place that he knew first-hand had damaged so many fellow soldiers. And he snapped.

I am willing to bet most, if not all, the death threats oozing out of the Far Mad Wrong, tea-bagging cesspool are from people who never served their country, who have no idea, nor any desire otherwise, to know what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights actually say. These revenge-fantasy sickos have watched way too much fake wrestling, slasher movies, and snuff films to be considered actual contributors to the Nation's health and well being. Rather, they are simply nasty little creeps who serve as inertial drag on the forward momentum of this country.

And they are also the same people who are railing, for some unfathomable reason, against the creation of a health care system that actually delivers health care to the people rather than profits to the greedy. Talk about being conned into believing those insurance company's have only their own best interests in mind, when they deny health coverage to people who actually need it, consider domestic violence injuries to be a preexisting condition, and cut off cancer victims in the middle of their treatment. Why and the hell are these sickos (read - tea gaggers) voting against their own self interests? Because the Rabid Wrong is scaring them to death with big, bad nasty words like "socialism."  Thus the mindless mob.

I'm sorry, was that too harsh? Well, its not half as harsh as the absolutely vile shitstorm issuing from the mouths of the Rush-wannabes, the David Boniers, the She-Ra Palin Riders, and all the little Hitler clones running around pretending their ideas and drivel are patriotic. Perhaps for the "Old South", but not for the America I have seen emerging of late.

So to all you real Americans, all you people who actually understand and stand by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I ask you to not give this country up to the tiny minded bozitos who are shouting so loud, but saying nothing of real value.

Its time for a little tough love.


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