Monday, November 16, 2009

Repubs to America: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!!

Ya gotta love these folks, the Far and Seriously Twisted Wrong. Just when you think their propensity for hysteria is leveling off, WHAM, their off their meds again! This latest twisted sister act is out of the State of Lincoln, that Mid-American bellwether, Illinois. It seems the idea of housing terrorist suspects in an Illinois State Prison has generated a battle between Dems, who see the great jobs potential for their beleaguered state, against Retreads who, for some absolutely insane reason, fear this will make their state a "terrorist target." (What, the rest of the country doesn't count? Aren't we all equal opportunity targets? Hell, Illinois wasn't even in the running on the first ten rounds of draft picks. Seriously, dudes!) ) In other words, they are pretty much abject cowards.

Plus, lets face it, folks, they have zero trust in the Constitution and the rule of law. They really can't trust that the American Judicial System is capable of rendering justice. Yet, most strangely indeed, these same oafs took an oath to "defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America." Hmm. I'd have to say, if these bozitos ain't up to the task, they really oughta step down. Because sowing fear, and a rather NIMBY fear at that, seems to be all the Far Wrong is capable of these days.

Which means (correct me if I'm seriously off track here,) the terrorists have actually beaten the Retreadican Party and it's less-than-valiant stalwarts. (See, terrorist win when they make people so fearful they actually abdicate their own self-proclaimed values. Which this clearly smells like to me. Hell, if I was al Quaeda, I'd be throwing my next bachelor party dead smack in the middle of Illinois. 'Cuz ya know, its Target Rich(T))Maybe they are going so bonkers over this because they just can't admit they rolled over like a dead armadillo, or possum, perhaps. Flat and baking, at least.

Or maybe they just prefer dubious torture centers located in other countries. Who knows. What I do know is Khalid Sheik Mohammed, after this whole thing is finally over, ain't exactly goin' to Disneyland, if ya get my drift.

Perhaps a nice deep-dish pizza?

They ain't just growin' corn out there, ya know.

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